Thursday, October 27, 2011

Masks and Thank You's.....

Masks and thank yous......2 very different topics however in the last week those seem to be what I'm getting a lot of. I have been spending weeks doing a wide range of things to help others and I am feeling burnt out. Even with work lately; all I want to do is cry and give up but then within 48 hours... I received 3 thank you cards. Sure it might not mean much to others but to me it meant the world. Like I was finally being recognized. As for the masks...Even with the thank yous, people are very nasty lately and I have found myself hiding other than around my family and Zach. Even those closest outside my family have had me on edge so I'm just hanging low. With Halloween right around the corner, Zach surprised me with this when I picked him up to go play cards the other day....
I absolutely love it! And there are plans behind it but you will just have to wait and see what they are.... With that I am going to head off to bed.
Keep Smiling!

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