Monday, February 18, 2013

Daybook 2-18-2013

Outside my window: I really cant see outside my window as it is really dark right now but if you must know...there is a little bit of snow on the ground and it is very cold.

I am thinking...  of how much I miss my grandpa right now and just what he would tell me in the situation I am know after the....."I'm disappointed that it got this far.." part of the speech. lol.

I am thankful... For a landlord who is so understanding, because with everything that has been happening the last few weeks...I seriously forgot to pay my rent 2 weeks ago and I have to pay the 2nd part of it Friday. :0( Thankfully... I have now set reminders in my phone on the days that my checks come so I never forget to pay my rent again.

In the Kitchen... The Boxes are gone! thanks to that amazing landlord that I wrote about above. lol. right now I am supporting a few loose dirty dishes and otherwise a few odds and end craft projects.

I am wearing... the most comfortable clothes i could find in my house! lol.

I am creating... well Im currently working on a blanket for a friend's fundraiser and some felt flowers. after that...only God knows. I am trying to use what I have in my house.

I am going... to work on my list of goals for 2013...not sure what all I will get to but I want them to be practical.
I am wondering... I am drawing a blank which much mean my meds are finally starting to kick in and bedtime is near.

I am reading... A book that a friend from church gave me to read called Laughter from Heaven by Barabra Johnson

I am hoping... Honestly right now...that I make it to my birthday and that it is a memorable one.

I am looking forward to... not really to sure at the moment with everything going on...ask me again in march?

I am learning... I am really learning to budget right now. I am also learning a lot of new crafts using what I have here in my home.

Around the house... Only a few boxes left that I am afraid to unpack. I really want to say I am all moved in but its hard when I dont know how long I will honestly be here. Praying really hard for a miracle.
I am pondering... why is it that pets always play around the same time that you want to fall asleep?

A Favorite Quote for the day:

One of my favorite things... I hope that pets count because Bagel is one of the best things right now...

A few plans for the rest of the week: Resting; Doctors appts, and sitting down and making some new goals.

A peek into my day:
blanket I am working on for Angie.

Well that would be it for now. If you would like to try this for yourself...go to this blog....

Otherwise...until next time...Keep Smiling!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Daybook 1-27-13

Outside my window... Its very dark and snowy outside my window. I really cant wait until spring gets here.
I am thinking... about how my step mother was right about my search for a cat. She told me that when I found “the one” I would know and well I found her and she is home with me tonight and our lives have already fallen into sync with each other. :0)
I am thankful... my best friends and those friends in the church that I am getting to know better. Even in the rough times (not even just my own) my new church family keeps showing me just how blessed I am to be with them. I am also thankful for God allowing me to find the perfect new pet in my life.
In the kitchen... there really isnt anything exciting. Few dishes in the sink and otherwise it is clean because I wasn’t here to use it.
I am wearing... a pair of running pants and a MCH shirt because all my comfy clothes are in the dryer waiting to be folded…considering its midnight I think I feel a dewrinkle in the morning and then folding coming on. Lol.
I am creating... at the moment nothing…. Well wait I am in the process of putting together a pair of purple mittens that I am hoping to finish tomorrow. Then I am also hoping to put together some headbands but the idea is still just in my head.
I am going... no where until Tuesday! Lol.
I am wondering... honestly not a whole lot because I am too tired to think that much.
I am reading... A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser
I am hoping... That this year starts turning out better and that the new treatment plan works out after making such tough choices this weekend.
I am looking forward to... getting to know a life with a pet again and working on some crafts if I have the energy.
I am learning…to let go and allow people to help me when I really cant do things.
Around the house... Cat toys. Lol. Otherwise just the normal stuff.

I am pondering... again with the wondering…. Actually now im pondering why I am writing this if I am so tired. Lol.

A favorite quote for today...” The winter’s Loss leads to the spring of recovery. Such losses characterize what it means to live as normal human beings. Living means changing, and change requires that we lose one things before we gain something else.” – Jerry Sittser.

One of my favorite things... still my crochet hook and best friend. Lol.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  crafting, resting, reading and treatments. Lol.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daybook 1-18-13

Outside my window...Right now there is a layer of snow on the ground and some very cloudy skies. There is a moon hiding somewhere up there as well. 

I am thinking... I'm thinking about a lot. I am really missing my sisters and how my family used to be. I am also wondering why people are so selfish and whether it is worth it to really keep pushing to help others when they are not willing to help themselves and then treat me like crap. 

I am thankful... I am very thankful for my best friend Beth. I have been dealing with a lot lately and she has been by my side through all of it along with her husband. 

In the kitchen... There are a bunch of dishes waiting to be put away along with more in the sink to be washed. There is also a white rose given to me by a special boy. :0)

I am wearing... The same clothes that I wore to the hospital today because I really haven't been home long enough to change and now that I'm home... I don't have the energy. 

I am creating...  This is always such a hard question to answer  because I have so many project but currently in progress is another Happy Blanket for someone special and a bunch of new headbands. After these are finished I would like to get back into scrap booking so I can get that out of the way. There is a lot that needs done in that area. 

I am going... Not very far this weekend. I am trying to rest up and maybe just clean up and work on crafts this weekend. I will be visiting family this weekend at some point though. 

I am wondering... Why God allows so much to happen to Good people at one time. I have really be struggling with this in the last month after a few deaths in our family. None of which I am handling very well. :0(

I am reading... Currently nothing because I honestly haven't picked up a book since my sisters' accident. 

I am hoping... That winter leaves quickly and that the next week goes smoothly with treatments. I am terrified and just want things to start kicking in. 

I am looking forward to... At this point I don't really have any special dates to look forward too  but...I did move in December which is why I haven't posted in so long so I am really looking forward to decorating my house room by room. :0) 

I am learning... I'm not really sure what I am suppose to be learning at the moment because God has a lot on my plate right now but I do know I am trying to sort things out. 

Around the house... A lot of craft supplies (yarn mostly) and now it is starting to fill up with boxes of my sister's stuff who passed away 2 weeks ago. I have to slowly go through it so really I think the boxes are just going to stay. 

A favorite quote for today... "A friend dances with you in the sunshine but walks with you in the storm." - unknown. I read this today as my best friend was giving me bad news in her life but it is such a true quote for the 2 of us. 

One of my favorite things... my purple blanket...oh and the new pillow case that my grandma made for me! I love it! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Surviving treatments; trying to keep my mouth shut when I really just want to scream at people and the important ones are...trying to work on and maybe finish the happy blanket that I am working on. 

A peek into my day...
One of the many crafts that I have just finished. Its a scarf.