Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucky to Live in Pa

After a very stressful day yesterday, today was a day to relax. Thankfully I had the day off and other than sleeping until 1pm; Zach took what was a terribly broken heart and somehow pieced it back together again. First we went for Ice cream and then we went off to the beach. For most people who know me, you might be thinking..."why is this so special"...well; I have actually only been to the beach once this year so far and that is a record and I mean RECORD low for me. I'm normally at the beach all year round but not this year. Anyways...we went to the beach and just stood with out feet in the water and toes in the sand and talked. It was like having a spa treatment in my own backyard. It was so beautiful and after the first few seconds the water was actually warm. As we started walking, I found a really pink looking sea shell and that lead on the a search for shells and beach glass which I have also not done in awhile. It turned out to be an amazing and stress relieving night. After the sun went down.....We really just hung out in the yard until it was time to go get dry clothes on. lol. But we plan on spending as many days as we can this way before the weather gets cold. :0)  Here's a fun picture to add to the Jenni and Zach photos and until next time...Keep Smiling!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pies and Prayers...

Well this was my weekend off and although I originally planned to travel to Toledo this weekend; that didn't workout. Instead, I spent early yesterday afternoon at work help with the family picnic which was actually really awesome. I love seeing everyone with their families and a lot of the people that don't normally eat end up eating because everyone loves picnic foods, So although I only worked 3 hours; it was well worth it. After working I finally got my laundry done and some of my room cleaned to the point where I can walk in it again. By Wednesday I should have the rest of my clothes hung up and then Zach and I are going to rearrange the furniture so that I can plug into my Internet without having to sit on the floor. The wireless has really been sucky lately which is partially why I haven't been posting as much.
As for the rest of the weekend....I made it to Waterford last night to play some cards with Grandma and Grandpa Ellis and picked up some Elderberries which Zach and I used to make pies tonight. I still have yet to taste an elderberry but I am looking forward to tasting them tomorrow when we eat the pie. We would have tasted it tonight but we celebrated my brother's birthday with an ice cream cake and then Zach and I ate pizza for dinner. I was too full and everyone else was in bed when the pies finished so tomorrow it is.
That basically wrapped up my weekend but in the mean time; while I was enjoying my day and a half off; 2 of my friends worlds have been crashed pretty hard. One of them lost her fiance due to cancer yesterday and the other is a brand new grandma but her daughter in law hasn't stopped bleeding yet even after emergency surgery last night so I am asking prayers for both families. I am not sure where either of them stand faith wise but I know that every prayer counts.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pumpkins and Stars....

After a friend of mine asked me to create a pumpkin hat for her to use for fall pictures; I decided to get creative with the remaining yarn and put together a star blanket to match. I am not really sure that it gives of the "pumpkin" feel but I do think that the shape is a pretty cool touch with the neat little hat. After working on the star blanket I realized that it is a pattern that I would most likely like to create again so Im thinking some new blankets will be made in the near future. But first.... I have to finish my other projects and finish using what I have before getting anymore. I have really gotten off path with this and with my spending again so I need to focus more and really get some of this stuff used. First things First though....Im off to the post office to mail these blankets and hats off to Kim.
Keep Smiling!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love and Yarn....

I feel like I'm apologizing a lot for not posting but all in all I just never really able to sit still long enough to write. This past week and a half has really been a slow down in my life with not having the ability to use my right arm on top of everything else going on in my life. I never really realized just how important my hand was. Everything in my life was stressful down to sleeping patterns until I realized that I could do stuff if I just worked slow and really pushed myself. Up until now I have been working on a blanket using "fall" colors. I was literally on the last 2 rows when I lost feeling in my right arm. Discouraged that I would mess it up; I have gone until today without crocheting and tonight I am happy to say that both blanket and baby hat are completed and it used almost 3 scanes of the yarn I had in my room. I have some tiny little balls of each color left, but I am using it for flowers and headbands.
So with this blanket complete, and still slowly recovering, I am going to be working on the pumpkin set for Kim. I am actually really eager to work on this project. I know it is going to take much effort but it will be well worth it I feel and for some reason I feel stronger with every stitch. Lately I haven't felt as if I have been fitting in anywhere or that I was really needed at all and thanks to Zach and other sad events of tonight; I have realized that my projects make who I am. It doesn't matter that I don't fit with my family it matters that I fit with the people I love and around me. The people who I care enough to use my artistic abilities for.
As for the love and sad part of this post......Earlier this week, I was able to finally chat with one of the newer nurses who work at the hospital that I work with and He actually complimented me on what I fear is my biggest problem. I care too much. lol. When I am able to work with the residents at MCM; no matter where they come from; I take the time to get to know each and every one of them. The residents and patients are the people that I normally spend all my time with and therefore I take the time as if I would with my closest friends. As for those people that bring out my artistic abilities....lets just say the Elderly of Millcreek Manor have a lot of my work. lol. Between headbands and slippers, they keep me busy but in the mean time I am trying my best to make them feel as much at home as I possibly can. Now too most people this doesn't sound like a bad thing but for those of us who work with the dieing and deceased; its terrible. The one thing they always tell people in any medical profession is don't get attached, but we are talking about spending more time with these people than I do with my own family. How can you not get attached? And that is just it, tonight another one of the many amazing people I have taken care of and loved spending time with is getting ready to pass away and I just want to sit here in silence and cry not only for her but for her family. I love all of these people as my own grandparents and they have all touched my life in a way no one will ever begin to express. I am a better person for knowing all of them and their families. I just want everyone to know that.
So now that I am in tears again, I think I am going to lay back down and just rest. After all, Its like Grandma E. told me today..."you heal better when you sleep...". I'm just hoping that tomorrow  brings smiles instead of tears.
Praying for a lot of special people tonight.