Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

A copy of Kat's drawing and the finished tote bag.
 Lets start this blog out by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I know I that I really enjoyed my day even though there was a huge lack of sleep for most of us last night. It was well worth it though. For those who know just everything I have been trying to cram in craft wise over the last few months you will understand my excitement when I say... YES ITS OVER! lol. When it comes down to choosing to make projects were sewing individual sequins comes into play....yea...never again. Halloween and Christmas were enough for one life time. lol. I have spent the last few months working on a project for my sister where I took a drawing of a cartoon bug (Walter) that she drew in college and turned it into a sequin design on a tote bag used to carry all the junk food I bought for her. She loved it...even though I don't feel Alex will have any candy left for Katie when she returns....Katie says she will use it to tote Art supplies which is what we originally wanted to do anyways. :0)
Other than the tote bag I also was busy making blankets, scrub tops and a small treasure chest designed to hold business cards for the family Quilt shop. I think out of everything the only problem was; that even with days to dry, the Chest was still wet and when I went to glue the lining in this morning last minute...I was covered in stain. So needless to say that was the only gift not wrapped and it remains in the basement of thus said business until it completely dry.
A very tired Gabby

As for Christmas itself; I spent the wonderful morning with my sisters and Grandpa. I was a little unsure of the morning when Kassie woke me up literally only 3 hours after I went to sleep so she could open her gifts but with much convincing (and some threatening lol) I managed to crawl out of bed. Everyone loved their gifts including myself but Kassie was so excited over her kitchen items that she ended up making Pancakes for everyone for breakfast. lol. After that I pretty much failed at taking a nap so I just got ready for the family dinner which was amazing with my brother being home and the little kids all running around. They were actually really good as oppose to all the years of them screaming. i think I'm going to like the "Video Game" faze of their lives. Or at least all our ears will. 
I really couldn't stay much longer after dessert but I do know that I have a wonderful Christmas and I love my family very much. God even topped my Christmas off with the most wonderful falling snow and with new music in my mp3 player and Christmas lights twinkling threw my window...I am off to sleep.  :0)
Good Night and Merry Christmas again!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Free day before Christmas....

Strawberry Cake Balls

 Yesterday was my official last day off before Christmas and I finally managed to have a productive day. I still cant post everything that I have been doing until after Christmas, because most of it was peoples gifts. I still have 2 final gifts to purchase and 2 more to finish crafting in the next 3 days. Both the crafting ones are almost complete though. The crazy thing is that, even with everything i accomplished yesterday; i still only managed to do half the things on my list. Zach and I didn't get to see the Christmas lights because of my bad driving skills, (I drove up the wrong road. lol.) and we never made it to the Ellis's because on our way to Erie the roads were getting to bad for night time driving in the winter. We did however end up spending the evening watching Despicable Me with my younger siblings and then Enjoying some quality time with Amanda at Eat N Park where I ended up locking my keys in the car. :0( Sadly it is my 2nd time this year....Thankfully my brother made it home from the Military this Christmas and was able to bring my keys up at Midnight. Zach and I did have fun although I feel that I whined a lot while driving. I think next time he will get that role. lol. We are both excited about going on a sleigh ride with Katie on the 9th though and I'm going to try and see when the Christmas lights start playing again after Christmas so we can go see them :0) Hopefully by that time his Christmas Present will be here. lol.
I also am very proud to say that I got some of the needed baking done yesterday and with much success, I tried and succeeded in making the cake balls that I constantly watch on . The recipe that I wanted to make had involved Red Velvet cake, Creme Cheese Frosting and Chocolate but since I couldn't find a red velvet cake at 1:30 am when I do my shopping.. I went with strawberry and white chocolate for the tops. The were really messy but my sister loved them even before dipping them in Chocolate. lol! I made up a few containers with my thin mints and the cake balls and they were all a huge hit! If you get a chance and you like to bake, you should really check out the site. I think that this year i am going to experiment a little more with my baking skills along with my crafting skills. This apparently is the year of sequins. lol. I will explain that one after Christmas though.
Well its off to shower and then to walmart to pick up some pictures before visiting Martha and heading to work.
Keep Smiling!!

Zach, Peanut (Jayln) and I

Kayle, Cameran, Dante, Kirsten, Maraih and Me sitting on the couch after the movie.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Spirit....

Boy did my moods change in one night. lol. I went from not being in the Christmas spirit at all to being not feeling to hot but in the Christmas spirit full force. lol. Today I finally got the stuff I had ordered for Madyson, Aiden and Gabby from I ordered Aiden his own copy of the Disney movie Cars and then I ordered Mady and Gabby PJ's from the site that I couldn't get in stores. Now Gabby being a huge fan of SpongeBob... I found these....How can anyone say they aren't the cutest things ever! Now Madyson I had been waiting for Nanny McPhee Returns to come out but when I saw this Disney Robe set online decided I would add to her gift. It is also equally as cute. Now I just have to find the patience to wait until Christmas. Thank Goodness for work. That is all I am going to Say.

Mike Also made it home last night. I am guessing based off the random facebook texts that I am receiving on comments between my sisters and I. I'm thinking maybe I should mention that I have a bag of snickers over here waiting for him and then see if maybe he changes his mind. lol.
Now I am down to the final wire with the projects I have to sew. I am however not feeling good today so I am going to work on thing periodically throughout resting today and then Monday full force. Lets see if I can get it all done before the Christmas weekend. Next year...I am starting in June. I sware! lol.

Keep Smiling!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Flu, Friends, Family and ...Christmas?

There hasn't really been a whole lot going on in my world yet for some reason I feel like I have been fighting an entire war since the last time I posted on here. I have been working non-stop lately but feel as if I am getting no where on anything and did I mention that I have been working extra on account that the entire facility where I work ended up getting the flu at the same time! That's right; pretty much all 52 residents had the flu in the last week which was more puke and poop that one should ever handle in one lifetime all crammed into a single week. Oh the joys. I think the only good thing is that Amanda is still trucking around work so until she has her baby.. I have some sanity. I dare to say that I cant wait until I only have to work every other day even with the circumstances that come with it. (Although I wouldn't wish them upon anyone.) I have really gone from loving my job to hating most of the people I work with and then i wonder if really it is just that I am not the same person I was last year. Either way I am just really angry lately and it is effecting me a lot.
I did manage to get out with some of my friends last week...minus nick because he had the flu but it was a pretty entertaining time I guess. I will be glad when Zach comes with me the next time. I am sad though because really I have never had a night feel so forced in a way. I wanted to see everyone before people started getting busy and my life started getting hectic again after Christmas but I'm realizing now that it really doesn't matter. I think that maybe I will just keep to Patty and the rest will just have to find out for themselves because we are just all going our own separate ways.
I would have had more photos to post tonight had the snow allowed my brother to return home on time tonight but considering he was stuck in Philadelphia for the entire afternoon, his plane should be landing here in Erie within the next 30 minutes. lol. I am really happy because Mike and Chris got home today although I haven't heard from Chris yet either; it is the perfect Christmas gift either. I never realized how quiet my life is without either of them. Maybe, now that they are home it will feel a little more like Christmas. Only I'm not sure that is going to work because this is normally the time I am eating DQ with Tony and this year he is staying is Cuba.
Otherwise I think I am really procrastinating on the final Christmas Projects that I have and I really need to get them finished. I am also waiting on UPS to finally deliver the last of Aiden, Mady and Gabby's Christmas gift. Then it is back to work until Christmas itself so I should probably get a move on with that huh. I cant really post any pictures until after the holidays but then I promise I will show you all the neat stuff that I made. lol. Well I better get back to work....I need all the spare time I can get. lol.
Keep Smiling!

Friday, December 3, 2010

22 more days.....(pics)

 Well its finally December and I am sorry that I haven't been posting as much this 2nd half of 2010. I am praying that 2011 holds some happier beginnings and stories to share with all of you. Sadly I am not really in the Christmas spirit with everything that is currently going on in my life but I am trying to reverse some of that. It also doesn't help that I am currently fighting a double ear infection so all I really wanted to do up until today was hide under my blankets until my head stopped spinning. But unfortunately time doesn't stop when you are sick so in the middle of that mix, my sister talked me into assisting in putting the tree up. It was a rather entertaining adventure because when I stopped for lunch she tried to finish with putting the top on upside down...and its a good thing she doesn't read this because she would most likely smack me again for telling the world that it took until after all the lights were put on for her to figure it out. lol. I do love Kassie.and the cats didn't seem to mind any way she put the tree up as long as the tree was up for their enjoyment. Just in case though; we did put bells on the tree surrounding the base so we would know when they were under the tree and trying to play on it. So far they have been pretty good with it.
Otherwise with the Christmas spirit comes the crunch time for projects that have been in progress. Things seem to be running smoothly and I am down to now 8 projects to finish in the next 23 days. These 2 quilts are finally finished and packed up for Ashley's pick up today at 3:30. I am not sure who they are for but I am praying that they get the love that I know I had making them. Sometimes its amazing what just scraps can create. And I am excited because I am almost finished with Katie's John Deer blanket as well and then it is off on other nameless projects that I can say because they are family gifts. I have decided that only my closest friends were getting gifts this year because I cant afford to buy for everyone anymore. My family is continuing to grow with nieces and nephews and therefore the little ones come first. lol. And the best part is.... I am off work on Christmas so I will get to see most of them this year since I missed Thanksgiving. I would however like to thank the Ellis family for giving me my own Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend. I loved seeing and spending time with the puppet family even with all the emergencies and craziness that I went through.
And now we are int the sad part of this post.... I would also like to thank Zach for keeping me occupied over the last few days, even with me being sick because a really close friend of mine, also named Jennifer; passed away from Hodgkin's lymphoma on November 21st, 2010. She was such an inspiration and not to mention one of the few people who understood me. It is going to be really lonely without her.... especially since she used to name all of my puppets after I created them. I am glad that she is finally in heaven and out of pain but I want her to know that I will never forget her and I am in the process of making a few special crafts dedicated to her and her amazing life and friendship. Missing you always Jen but smiling because I know you are the one who sent me my snow.

For everyone else... Keep Smiling! You never know what life will bring you and so the best thing you can do is brighten someone else's day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Borders and Long chats

Here I am again! lol. I am actually really starting to feel better now that I remembered to write here and after some long chats with Shannon and Jack recently. Dare I say it but I might be starting to feel like myself again. Working 2nd shift hours isn't doing much for my craft world and I have A LOT of projects to still finish and get out but I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and working on crafts instead of sleeping until noon. The first thing I am going to get this week when I get paid is a better alarm clock and start work on waking up and sleeping normal hours at night. I also plan on getting back to church this week although I am not sure where I will be attending. Any Suggestions???....I'm thinking maybe the church in girard that my sister was married at but I'm not sure. I need a church that makes me think and encouraged to learn more in faith and not just a "give me money" and repeat their sermons kind of church. I had finally found one but the pastor left in September and now they have switched their times so I'm looking for something with either a 10 or 11am service.
OK well I'm going to say enough with posting and I have to start getting ready for work today. Lets see what MCH holds in store for us today. :0)
Keep Smiling!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Phototastic weekend....

 My weekend so far had its up and downs but I think it was the weekend I needed to put my perspectives in place on where I need to go with my life.  Friday was an all-in-all OK day I guess. I spent most of the morning at home or in the doctors office and a little of that with Katie. Then because I was off work; I stopped in to visit Martha like promised. It was a pretty cheerful visit but not necessarily as fun as the last time. I kept it short like normal and then left when I knew Tinibean was out of work so we could make it to Rick and Erin's at a decent time. Now that visit was worth the drive because Natalie was all wound up and is crawling/walking EVERYWHERE now. It was funny because she actually spends more time head butting stuff instead of just lifting her head up to see where she is going so she doesn't run into stuff in the first place. We left there around maybe 9:30 so they could sleep before papers and Tina and I headed to eat'n Park where I had the best milkshake ever. lol. It was an Oreo milkshake and I sware it made my night. It even topped my spaghetti. lol. It was a pretty good night there after. We went to walmart to look for a gift for Kaylee and learned how stupid the greeters at walmart really are. Some guy with a huge bulky coat got away with stealing a bunch of stuff because he walked out behind Tina and i and when the alarms went off they serious searched out bags instead of this guys obviously mysterious coat. We would have said something when we realized it was him but honestly after they searched our bag of 4 items where were obviously paid for....they deserve what they got based on their stupidity. Don't get me no way am I saying this is OK but seriously.... the coat was obvious!!!

Saturday was pretty cool as well in terms of spending time with my younger siblings. I did manage to sleep in but then around 2, I worked my way out to Girard to get Katie and Alex so we could take some photos of the cute couple. Alex ended up treating all of us to Lunch at Mike & D'Angelos and then we had a blast taking photos. We saw a total of 5 squirrels, an eagle, a tabby cat and 4 deer before the day was done. This was followed by Dairy Queen and Spaghetti dinner which ended in me leaving after my step dad semi-annoyed me. The rest of the night I spent with the rest of my younger siblings who surprisingly weren't to wound up. Then again it was 8pm when i got there. they did however get excited when they found out I brought cookies and Kaylee loved her present. It was funny because she waited over 45 minutes to open it because she didn't want to ask for scissors and when we asked Jalynn why Kaylee didn't open it; the 3 year old told us it was because she needed scissors. It was so cute and funny that I choked on my cookie.
Then really today all I did was go see a movie with Jack. SO I will tell you that Despicable Me is on my top 10 of the year! lol. It was so amazing and spending time with Jack again was fun as well. Although it wasn't a lot of time, it was awesome. Now its time for Actually I going to go call and chat with Jack for a little bit. If you were wondering about where I now know that life is leading me, I guess you will have to wait and see. I think I need to speak with those involved first before posting. I will however share some of the adorable pictures of Katie and Alex with you all.
Good Night and Keep Smiling!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Wow, until my sister said something to me tonight I had forgot about this blog. Thankfully I write all my passwords down so I can get back here. I don't really remember a whole lot about anything that has happened between writing this and the last blog I wrote so I am just going to say that it was a time of Hell and let you know that I am so thankful for everyone that stood by my side threw everything. Its wonderful to know that throughout my toughest times: I have people who will help me get back on my feet from the worst situations. Things are slowly coming around. I'm working again, Loving my family and friends and especially loving this time a year. The smells, colors and warm feeling. I guess I get all that from my mom though. lol.
Anyways.....Things are going ok here. I'm working on new projects and just finished making Thing 1 and 2 costumes for Tina and I at Halloween and i have also been working on making quilts out of the scraps I have in my house. Reading back, I can tell you that I am failing on my mission to not buy anything new until I get rid of the old so starting now I am going to make that my 2011 resolution. I am starting early. lol. Im trying to get everything in my life back and order really and its a slow process so everyone will just have to bare with me. 2011 should be a great year though so we are all looking forward to it!!!
Now back to sewing.
Keep Smiling!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Well my grandpa fixed my computer but I lost all my old pictures. Thankfully I still had most of the imporatant ones on my camera so now that I have the computer I could Share Lexi with you. Meet my newest neice. She was born July 2nd.
Lexi: taken 7-25-2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baptized, Family Reunion and Now Cleaning?

Sounds like a lot I know but seriously after a night of no sleeping I have managed to make it through most of the day and I am still going. I just wanted to stop for a few minutes to let everyone know that I got baptized today. I was really excited and I did ask to have it done before Rev. Charlie left so today was the day. My family didn't show up which really kind of stunk and it happened to fall on the one Sunday in the month that Jack had to work so Tina went and video taped it. I will upload it for you guys but I have to wait until my grandpa fixes my computer. lol. It really stinks that the storm took it out because today was also our reunion and Heather brought Lexi who is my new niece. I have pictures of her and she is SOOO cute! lol. Otherwise everyone loved Jack which I already knew would be the case and things are going good. I'm still a little upset with my friends but I guess it is something I am just going to have to let go because honestly it is not waisting time in my life over. I will just spend the time with people who actually want to know things. People who is isn't so stressful to talk to. Things shouldn't be this hard and I hate it when people make it that hard.
So other than all that... I am trying to get my room more organized and in order so Kassie and I have more of a sewing room I guess. That and so I can finally vacuum and clean it out really good. Maybe even dust it. I should be sleeping because I am so tired but I just cant get my mind to calm down enough to let me sleep. With that I am off the finish cleaning, moving and building furniture!
Keep Smiling!

I am a melted Snowflake but still a Snowflake the same....

I know this sounds like a crazy title but its honest. Have you ever felt that people just forget that you are a certain person because they are too busy focusing on something God has placed in your life that you cant change. I am a firm believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle even though time and time again, I am given what feels to be too much. But still in those events, I find the hidden blessings and still remain faithful. In the end I know that the bad will stop and all those people that I have lost, I will get to see again. I know they are in a better place guiding me in the decisions I make and loving me from heaven. What people fail to realize is that illness or not, everyone is constantly being given situations that are testing them or just life lemons altogether but at the end of the day... are we not the same people? Because honestly I am starting to wonder. Lately I feel as if I have lost all my friends and when I say all I mean tonight I can count them on one hand. You know those friends who love you so much that even at the end of your life they treat you as if it were any other day. Those friends that remember who you were before all the bad, before life as I knew it changed. The people who remember that I am still the unique person that I was before everything. That I loved working in the medical field and the beach and taking pictures. Sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows and laughing.... talking about normal stuff like a future and the past. I am that same person, no matter what is going on in my life, but lately most of the people I have been around are either just getting to know me in the end, or are completely forgetting that the Snowflake they knew before even existed. They act surprised when I get up and do things which are things that are completely normal for me. They forget that even in the end, I am a fighter and if I put my mind to it... I normally will do it. that I love life and everything in it even if it drives me crazy. The truth is... I will love each and everyone of them to the end even though I know that I sit here tonight with the feeling that each time I talk to one of them...they are driving a knife deeper and deeper into my heart which I can only pray for God to take away the pain. They are spending so much time dwelling on the physical things in my life they are forgetting to see the emotions and spiritual side of my entire life. They are forgetting everything that I am and therefore I feel as if my soul is lost. That I am melting. I am loosing my uniqueness and just becoming nothing. Just a snowflake melting away.....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its Been Awhile...

I'm sorry it has been awhile since I posted last. I didn't really think that the last few weeks would turn out the way they did but lets just say life has thrown some pretty different life choices my direction. This past week has been somewhat busy with Kathryn's graduation party but for what I was there for... it was fun. Kat and Alex had fun making old jokes at Jack and he laughed a lot too. Kat even finished her door in time for the party. I must admit, It looks pretty awesome with the Christmas lights around it.

Otherwise I haven't been sewing a whole lot lately but I did manage to finish some of the projects a few weeks ago like the scrub tops for work that I will now not get to use. Thankfully I have been getting a lot of visitors and one of my old coworkers took them. Turns out she loves purple and Tinkerbell so it was a perfect fit for one of them. The other was purple with butterflies on it. They were pretty easy to make once I got the hang of it however the pattern really ran huge!
They did turn out pretty cute though. I had another fabric but I decided that it wouldn't look right as scrubs so I am saving it for another project that I'm going to start soon. I wont say what it is yet though. :0)
Otherwise I think the only other eventful thing I have done lately would be that I took Kirsten and Mariah to meet our Grandpa for the first time yesterday. It is sad because I know Grandpa had to wait to meet the older half of us and now he is slowly working on the 2nd half. I don't think he was expecting them to talk as fast and the girls were though. lol. We had a lot of fun though. I really love my entire family.
(Me, Maraih and Kirsten)
With that I am off. I will try and update sooner than I did this time. Keep Smiling!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Selling my Wedding Dress!

I have decided to post my wedding dress on eBay so that maybe it will help someone else in their big day. I allowed my sister to pick this dress for me while i was engaged last summer and it just wasn't for me. We were doing a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding and well it just didn't fit me right. It is from David's Bridal and it was on clearance so I am selling it fairly cheap. Let me share some photos and talk more about the dress itself.

The Dress.... It is a size 12 and it fits a womans size 12 street size. The sleeves to the dress are an off the shoulder style.

(This is the bottom of the front of the dress.)

The back of the dress is really what gave it the Beauty and the beast/Princess style. Notice the pin ups. It has a chapel style train and because this dress has never been altered it would still need to have the bussel stuff put into it. Once the train is up though it gives off the complete "Belle" look.

If you have any other questions about the dress feel free to ask here, on ebay or to email me at

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Late Congratulations....

Here is a late shout out of Congratulations to Mady and Kathryn; as well as all of Kat's friends that graduated on Sunday. We have gotten so used to seeing them all around the house that they have practically all become family as well. Anyways... here is some pictures from this past weekend....


I am really proud of both of them. :0)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Eli Visit's Alex's Lemonade Stand

Some friends of my from Ohio, (Shannon and Jim) decided to hold a lemonade stand this week at their yard sale. The special thing about this is that these are the same people who are in charge of the Herdsman Puppets. I had asked for a picture of Eli with some lemonade and this is what I got instead. You will have to turn my music on the side off and turn your volume up. This was taken on a cell phone so it is kind of quiet. Just click below
Eli visit's Alex's Lemonade Stand

I personally set up an online stand earlier this year in hopes of auctioning some of my crafts off to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer but I am still far from my goal of $250 and due to health issues I am just getting some of those crafts up and going. If you stick around then you will see some of the crafts made for Alex's lemonade Stand and if you would like to donate to my stand in general the like is always posted on the side of my blog as well as below

JenniBean's Stand Against Childhood Cancer

I will be working more on updating my page and getting things off and running here shortly. So until next time.... Keep Smiling and enjoy a nice cup of lemonade for a good cause.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4 out of 21

So because things have been so crazy lately I forgot to post about the shirt that I made the other day. I had planned on making 2 different shirts, 1 for Maraih's graduation and one for Kat's but things didn't really work out aka it was too cool to wear this to Maraih's so I am saving it for Kat's. I haven't starting working on the other shirt that I planned on making but still might in hopes to wear it to Madyson's dance recital on Saturday....everything providing. Since today I am currently stuck in doors, I am watching movies and working on Knitting blocks for the last 2 baby blankets I have to make. (Not counting the fire dept blanket though. That will be done a little differently.) Everything is slowing working its way together and things are getting completed and out of the house. This is a very good thing because I had originally planned on not starting new projects until I get rid of what is already in my room. Although there are quiet a few scraps being left behind from blankets and shirts... I have a few ideas in mind to help get rid of those as well. I have also been thinking more about that store that Paul always wanted me to start opening online and I really think that I might consider it but again I am not too sure yet. I really don't want to get into anything that might be too involved at the moment with so much that I already have going on. Im thinking maybe I could just start a page on facebook and link it to my page and then Im thinking I can have the money help both Alex's Lemonade Stand and Herdsman Puppets. It isnt that I still don't love St. Baldricks but I think that I am leaning more toward Alex's Lemonade Stand and at least they are both raising money and awareness for the same cause; Childhood Cancer Awareness. I am going to have to look more into but like I said I am really considering it.
Well I better get back to knitting. I have 4 blocks down....12 more to go. :0(
Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


(Mariah and friend after their 8th grade Graduation)

So this week is the week of events for me. Just today alone there were 2 graduations in my family and another yet to come on Sunday. The funny thing is...they are all my sisters. Kay graduated from Kindergarden, Mariah from 8th grade and then Sunday Kat will graduate from High School. Talk about feeling old. I still remember changing Kat's diapers. :0( Its kind of funny to see them all entering a new faze of life. Kat is about to go to college, Mariah is about to enter high school (yuck) and Kay is about to enter 1st grade which means she will finally experience school  for a full day instead of just half. I will say that I dont worry about any of them because after today I know they are all ready to enter the new points in their lives. I was really impressed by how well Kay can read. She is already reading Junie B Jones books and I mean we are talking reading at the 2nd grade level. I so remember those books when I was younger so listening to her read and sound things out was just as amusing as reading them for the first time way back when.....again did I mention how old I am feeling right now? Im thinking will all the said, I had better get on to other things in my day. Something that maybe makes me feel a little younger maybe?.....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another one finished... 4 more to make

Well I had time to finish yet another baby blanket so that is 2 now that are currently sitting wrapped on my table waiting to be given. Jeff and Angel's baby shower is next weekend so that works and heather will get hers the same time. I have 4 more left to make and then I am thinking of maybe making a larger one for some friends who are getting married but that will be awhile before I make that quilt. I have a few other projects that are musts to be finished in the next few days which are scrub shirts and a few dress shirts I need for the girls graduations. Hopefully I can find the energy to get them done. Right now I am lacking that.

I did get to go spend some time with the girls I used to work with 3rd shift tonight and I had a blast. We all met at our old charge nurse's (Patty) house and sat out in the rain and just drank and talked. Although I personally didn't drink, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and I realized how much I miss them already. Nurses are a lot like EMTs and Firefighters. The mentality and family/team work just kinda makes you stick together even after we all leave each other. They (Patty, Heather, Shayla, Katie, Sara and Nick) have all become family to me and as it has proven true so far...hopefully it will stay. :0)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soothing Day with the Reinwalds...

So everything is changing yet again in my life, which seems to be the only constant for me these days. I guess really its just like grandpa just have to roll with it. Well since I am currently "resting" if there is such a word; my older sister thought it best that I come visit her and her kids yesterday. It was actually pretty entertaining in the area that she also had everyone elses' kids at some point to so you really didn't know who was staying and who was leaving. lol. Finally when the right children were left behind... we all went to dinner where I watched all the kids pile enough food into their stomachs that I think I could have barfed. lol. Thankfully non of them did and after playing in the down pour of rain to get back to the car and much fighting....they ended up calming down and going to bed shortly after minus the littlest one who ran amuck until almost 9:30 while my sister, brother-in-law and I watched Dear John. It was a good movie and I dare say it... I almost cried. It takes a lot to make me cry these days but trust me... I was almost in tears. One of the other benefits of last night... I got to spend time with the Sid mister. Who may just be the most pathetic guard dog ever...unless you come after one of us or the kids. To me though, he is just one of the kids. They were actually taking turns (dog included) sitting next to me on the floor and couch. It was funny. I miss them all alot and realized it even more last night when I actually got to spend time with them. I hate that I have gotten to busy for them. :0( Hopefully soon things will calm down so I can see them more again.
Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GoodBye Mr George...

Michael (Mina) George
Beloved son, father, grandfather, and brother Michael (Mina) George, age 63, a resident of Erie passed away unexpectedly Sunday May 30, 2010 at Hamot Medical Center. Mina was born in Erie on November 17, 1946, the son of Agnes Simon George and the late Ivan George. Mina was a 1964 graduate of East High School where he played football, water polo, and baseball. He then played baseball for his father at Gannon University where he graduated with a B.A. in social studies in 1974. He was currently a social studies teacher at Girard High School and also was the head football coach as well as their track coach and senior class advisor. Mina began his storied coaching career at Kanty Prep leading them to the District 10 championship in 1979. In 1980 he moved to Cathedral Prep and in 1986 won the first of seven consecutive district titles. At Prep, he became their all time winningest coach with a record of 131-44-2 from 1980 to 1995. Then in 1996 he took over the coaching position at Girard High School and turned that program into a winner having won or shared three Erie County League titles. He is Erie County's winningest high school football coach with a combined record of 230-126-2 and was honored in 1991 as the Pennsylvania High School Coach of the Year. This month he was slated to be inducted into both the Pennsylvania Football Coaches Hall of Fame as well as the Erie Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. Besides his mother, Mina is survived by a daughter Amber Guerra and her fiance Brandon Bradford of Santa Monica, Calif. and a son Owen George and his wife Julie of Asheboro, N.C. He is the brother of Jacqueline George of Studio City, Calif.; Jeanie Ditrich and her husband Michael of Erie; Gary George of Greer, S.C. and Gene George of West Palm Beach, Fla. Mina is also survived by two grandchildren, Ava Guerra and Lia George along with the mother of his children, Carol George, and his fiance, Louise Vogt. Friends are invited to call at the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity, 251 East Front St., Wednesday from 12:00 noon until 9:00 p.m. and are invited to attend Funeral Services there Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Burial will be in St. John the Divine Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Church's Endowment Fund or to the Alzheimer's Association , 1128 State St., Suite 301, Erie, PA 16501. Arrangements by the John J. Quinn Funeral Home, West 9th & Liberty St.

Published in the Erie Times-News on June 1, 2010

Kathryn and I went and added our flowers to the football field yesterday but little Katie still is having a hard time believing it. I know she said that once she got to school today and saw him gone it would hit. I think that we all need to pray for the seniors at Girard High School right now because not only are they getting ready to graduate this week but Mr. George was an amazing teacher and was in charge of the graduation this year. Its going to be very hard on a lot of them. I know it is shocking to me and I haven't had Mr. George in over 8 years now. He will be greatly missed by everyone!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Addition to yesterdays perfect day...

I forgot add that when I woke up yesterday morning I had a very special voicemail waiting for me on my phone. It was eli who just returned from a below to here a little about it.
Eli's Voice Mail

A Perfect Day With My Sister

So I don't really have many photos of my sister and I together from today but today we did spend the perfect day together. First I started with church where I found it almost soothing to hear my friend who was reading the passages today to read one of my favorite passages Romans Ch 5:1-5

1Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we[a]have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we[b] rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. 3Not only so, but we[c] also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

Really the whole chapter is amazing but just those passages also give me hope with the everyday battles I have had to face over the last few years. So to hear them read allowed, by my friend of all people was a peaceful thing between me and God today. :0) After church I went to lunch with Tom, Shell and Thomas where I managed to open my fortune cookie and fling it across the table into shells ice tea glass before even getting to read the fortune. lol. Silly not working hands. After lunch I ran to AC Moore and then back home to finish the last of the buttons and to get interrupted by Kassie asking me to attempt to do her hair. So with 1 and 1/2 hands (my right hand isn't functioning well at the moment) I manage to do her hair and we set off to Grandma Ellis's and then Waterford park to take photos. We stopped in to give Gram her shirts which I finished finally and Kassie was able to see Natalie for the first time in person. Shortly there after more photos, dinner and then we ended the day with Kassie taking me to see Alice in Wonderland. I was doubtful at first but I loved the movie if only for the reason that the caterpillar helps Alice a lot and in the end, He moves on to becoming a butterfly. It was the perfect ending to not only the movie but to the perfect day. So with that I will share some photos and then head to bed because I am exhausted.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
Good Night and Keep Smiling!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prom and Projects....

Kat's prom was this past Friday and her and her friends all looked incredible! Kat had a pretty entertaining time up until now preparing for it between shopping for shoes and painting masks but everything ended up looking great and due to Kat...everything was awesome. Again she left us all feeling old; which is only going to get worse here in 2 weeks when she graduates. Ugh! I remember changing her diapers.

I think other than getting ready for graduations; all my friends are either having babies or getting engaged again this year. I think I am officially the last hold out in my group. I guess I don't really mind but I am getting kinda lonely and its still a little painful on the baby subject but God has great plan for me yet I am sure of it. I just don't know what it is. Anyways.... I did finish most of grandma's shirts other than tacking them on the side which I am doing today and I did finish heather's blanket as well as getting Jeff's almost all together. Things are coming along and with a long weekend with my family; should get a good bit done. :0)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Holiday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Puppet Video- words from a sister

For those who didn't know that Jenn was having a rough time of things this week; she is. She is still too weak to get up and around but has asked me to finish a few things for her on her to do list and posting this video for Jim was one of them. I couldn't figure any other way to get this video online other than to video it while watching it so that is what I did. I am not as technical as Jenn is but I tried and Therefore I apologize for the bits of Jenn's DVD player being in the video. Any who; just follow the link below and it will take you to the video. It is a safe link. For those sending recipes; we greatly appreciate anything you will send. again the email is

Herdsmen Puppets Promo Video

Thanks, ^_^

Monday, May 17, 2010

Puppet Reunion....

(September 20th, 2008)

Almost 2 years ago I met Eli by pure accident. Most of you who know me, know that my best friends Rick and Erin were married in Sept of 2008 and that I was in their wedding. I fought so hard to make it to the wedding and even with injuring myself literally 10 weeks before the wedding. I was there standing at the front of a church watching my best friend from high school, taking his bride. (Scary thought I know. lol.) For those who didn't here the story of how I met Uncle Jimmy...He was the groomsman that Rick chose to walk with me just in case I needed to be carried down the isle. Sounds kind of funny but its seriously true. lol. Thankfully I was able to walk myself because this 6ft 5-7in man came walking in and I was in panic because I knew my shoes weren't going to be tall enough. lol. Anyways... one thing led to another and the Dj didn't show up and Jimmy had his puppets so that is where Eli came into the picture. Jimmy and Eli had to announce everyone entering the reception (me walking alone obviously) and DJing threw dinner until a sub was found. After that is was all fun and games. Although Erin wasn't too thrilled with them at the time; (I think it was more the situation with the Dj), I fell in love with this amazing puppet named Eli. The picture above is the dance that "gave me a heart attack". lol. Really its just a joke because of all the heath problems starting after the wedding. That's why if you notice, I really don't have many posts from 2009. Well here we are almost 2 years and a million Doctor visits later and...

We are Finally Reunited! lol. Jimmy, Shannon and family came into Erie for a Puppet Ministry meeting and I finally managed to be home and ok enough to visit. lol. They actually really wore me out but it was well worth it. He even got to meet some of my family in person; (He only met Kassie at the wedding), after sending text message videos with my family throughout the last 2 years to help keep our spirits boosted. He has also sense then, started traveling to nursing homes and Children's Hospitals between teaching at VBSs and Churches. He is a very busy man at 100 years old you see, but he has always found time for me and my family. :0)

It was great seeing Eli and his friends at the Herdsman Puppets however he also came to visit because they need our help. Like I said before this special Puppet Ministry and they are used to spread the Word in a way children and most adults can understand using every day scenarios and topics. It doesn't really matter what the age, you will find yourself relating and chatting with these puppets. Well this group has been working hard on a special cook book project and that is where we need your help. They are in search for recipes to help the puppets get their cookbook together. They are looking for any recipes as long as they are yours and can be emailed to Just put in the subject Recipe For Snowflake and Jimmy and Shannon will know what it is. Dont forget to say who is sending it though. The puppets want to give credit where credit is due. I have already sent in a few of my own recipes so maybe if everyone who I know prays for me and my family could send one then they would have an amazing book to put them together. The recipes need to be in by May 31st, 2010. So if you have a second, pick a recipe and send it on to Eli. *for more information click the newsletter picture above. all the details are included in the picture or you can email above or leave it in a comment so I can get back to you.

I think with that I am going to get going. The puppets have also left me with a special video to share but I am in the process of loading it to my computer. for some of the small clips that they share with my family, visit/add my facebook page where I have been adding them lately now that I have the change. Thanks everyone!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy Day= sleep!

First I will start by saying Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there or motherly figures. I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Today was a pretty special day in my book. Busy but special. My best friends' (Rick and Erin) had their daughter Natalie dedicated today. It was pretty quick and sadly I didn't get pictures but she is just so cute. She even managed to go the entire service with a huge smile on her face and let me tell you; she has one contagious smile.
I guess otherwise I really didn't do too much. There was a lunch following the service which I attended and then by 3:30 I was drained so I came home for a nap and then was off to celebrate mother's day and Madyson's birthday with my family. I love my family and the entertainment that we have/provide for and with each other. I know see why my mom always said that it isn't the same if one of us leaves because unless we are altogether, we are pretty quiet and just not ourselves. I guess that is also my moms fault for raising us all so close. Not complaining. lol.
All in all; It was an amazing day. I think my only complaint would have been the snow this morning... I mean really now; Snow in May!?!?
Now I'm off to bed where it is warm. Sweet Dream and keep Smiling!