Wednesday, June 29, 2011

100 days of PJ crafting....

I'm sorry for being so quiet since my last post but lately my health has been catching up to me and frankly kicking my butt. Now I'm being forced into an Early summer retirement to say the least. lol. So I have decided that since I am going to be unable to do everything that I want to do I am going to spend the next few months doing small crafts from my bed and actually taking the time to read my bible like I planned. I also have a few major things planned but they are between Zach and I and will be revealed in later time. I am going to try and keep up with posting but I am not sure how well pictures will come out considering the pictures on my phone don't come out as good as my camera; but I shall do my best. I have already started thinking of the things I shall create this summer and now I'm off to watch a movie and write my ideas down. Missing some great people and sending some much needed prayers for some friends.
Keep Smiling!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work Work Work

Sorry for the lack if posting everyone. I have been pulling a lot of overtime at work so there really hasnt been any time for play or crafting. Kinda of depressing actually but with tomorrow off maybe I will get some stuff put together and out of my room. :0) Anyways... here is a picture of the other thing I was crocheting. I have to put the pillows together the rest of the way but this is what they look like.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deep In Thought...

Since I have gotten home from vacation I have really been deep in thought about where my life is going and what I am doing with it. I have been feeling lost again lately only to realize that I have yet again put someone before my faith and my relationship with God and that really isn't acceptable. I have had a lot of hardship it seems in my life and I am in no place right now to Put anyone before God in my life and so I am fixing this wrong. I have a few ideas about where my life is headed and although it is going to be a long road to get there I have decided that maybe dating might be out of the question at the moment. I think that my health needs to be first right now.
If you haven't noticed, I have removed my Bucket list from the side of my blog because I am revamping it as we speak. I am hoping to have more on that later as I have decided that some things on that list are of no importance to me so I am replacing them with some that are. I also have a few major projects in store that I will be able to do while getting my health back on track this year. There is a lot to look forward too.
Speaking of projects; One of my goals was to get rid of the supplies I already have in my house and yesterday I was able to take some beads and 10 gage yarn and crochet what is suppose to be a choker. It ended up being too big for anyones' neck so I have a few other uses for it but here is what it looks like. I plan on modifying the pattern to get the choker to work but we will see later how that works out. What do you think?
I am working on another crocheting project but that wont be finished until later. Right now I am off to finish washing my clothes and making my bed. Also maybe heading to the dollar movie to see Soul Surfer again. Very good movie.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back Home and Back To Work...

Well our vacation is over and things went great. It was a lot of fun and the few problems we did have we know what to do to solve them next year when we go down. What we do know is that Alex and Katie can make any trip more awesome x 100. lol.
Zach and I finished our costumes for the convention which was from the movie Coraline. There were a few people who got it but since we really didn't know to much about anima; we just dressed up like people from one of our favorite movies. We were going to do the Nightmare before Christmas but we didn't have enough time to sew everything with both of us working and zachs lack of sewing anything but leather abilities. lol. We did however find a very convincing Jack while we were there.
There was also a formal event Saturday night that Katie, Alex, Zach and I went to; So yes folks...I finished my dress. :0)  What do you think? Not to bad for being the first the first dress in general that I have made. Although I think I could have taken it in a little more to make it not look so big and I don't think that I would have added the black panel to the bottom but it still looked nice. We really didn't stay too long at the formal because Katie didn't feel good but it was still fun and we got some professional pictures taken while we were there.  

After a weekend in the water park pretty much, Sunday came to fast. Sunday Zach and I ventured our way out to the petting Zoo that was attached to the hotel and were able to feed the parakeets and get really close to the Giraffe that was there. We were going to go back to the water park but instead decided to venture out the rest of the way to Toledo to visit the one and only Puppet Family. The Herdsmen Puppet Group was set up at a local community festival in Toledo so Zach and I were able to experience the festivities with them. After that it was home for dinner and visiting. We also highlighted Shannon's hair. lol. Then monday; the Ellis family and of course Eli...took Zach and I to the Toledo Zoo. It was hot but worth it. Their zoo is about 4 Erie zoos put together and of course Eli made a great impression. It wasn't too long after we left the zoo that I had some teaching of my own to do and sat down and taught Shannon how to make Jim and Eli's favorite cookies. THIN MINTS. lol. We had some trial and error moments with that as well but in the end it all worked out.
Parting was such sweet sorrow around 11pm so that Zach and I could make the drive back to Erie and get up for reality again yesterday with us both returning to work. Although I had a fun vacation I was eager to return to work and show my residents all the pictures from this weekend and they were happy I was home. I am hoping to return to Toledo again in a few weeks but until then...its work, laundry and cleaning. This vacation prep work turned my room into a huge mess!
With that I am off to clean a little more before work. Keep Smiling!