Monday, February 28, 2011

Hexagon Happy

So this is what you get when I am not feeling good and have an entire basket of extra yarn. I love how this turned out and Now I am trying to decide if I should make more and make this into a blanket or maybe make a few more and leave them separate as place mats for a table. They are big enough to hold a plate, cup and silverware. lol. Either way I am loving the way the colors came together. This of coarse is using the yarn my mom had given me awhile ago from a blanket she needed me to finish. (That was finished awhile ago.)
But anyways...This was finished last night because there was a huge thunderstorm in our town so No sleep until 5am for me. lol. Now thanks to this flower I am in the process of creating something amazings for Sara's baby shower. Well more than one surprise but I have to post here because Sara sees my facebook all the time. lol. Looking at the Pictures I give can you guess what I'm making....
Here is your first hint.....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

101 yarn creations and more...

My New Years resolution this year was to use all the craft stuff in my house before buying new supplies other than what was needed for the 6 major projects I had on my dry erase board. Everything else I created had to either come from stuff I had in my room or mostly stuff I had in my room. I have been wondering what to do with my entire tote of yarn up until this past week. Thanks to some of the other craft blogs I follow; I have found some amazing ideas to put this random yarn to use for and that is not just to make a million little hearts. (Although those small hearts where turned into a flower which now sits in a residents room at work.) This past week I was introduced to a Blog called Heidi Bears which had This tutorial for an African Flower Hexagon Patch. So since I haven't been feeling well and I couldn't sleep......
This is what happens. This is the first Hexagon that I have made which was followed by 2 more using embroidery floss and now I am using random yarn left from a blanket my mom started for my sister which I had to finish. (I will post more from that at a later date.) Right now I am in a Hexagon fix but I know that I have to get out of it so I can finish working on Sara's Baby Shower gifts, but the funny thing is....between the lack of sleep and the mix of new meds the Doctor put me on yesterday; last night i figured out how to make a crafty design using the Hexagons to make a blanket that will fit to Sara's theme and is much brighter than what I was going to make. I had a blanket in mind for Sara's little Angel but being as this is such a miracle child I want something with brighter colors to welcome this spring joy into the world. So that just means i have to use the fabric for other crafts for Sara...aka more stuff. lol. The Hexagons have also given me a bunch more ideas to create with some of the yarn as well and should make for an interesting crafting summer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank God for Sunshine!

So this really isn't a Huge post but really just a post to say how thankful I am that God woke me up at 9am with sunshine today. I am so glad to have made it through this winter so far with no accidents, especially since I have to drive on Walnut Creek Hill not only once a day but twice. I am very causious and I am not kidding when I say that I normally use this drive home to "talk" to God all the time. Nothing better than a 30-40 minutes drive home to talk to the one who created the snow in the first place. LOL.
Anyways that is really all I wanted to say. I have work today at 3 and pretty much spent the morning going through and cleaning stuff in my room. I even used the last Mr. clean magic eraser to get all that sticky crap off my desk today. YAY! Ok I really need to go now. lol.
Keep Smiling and Enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Praying for Sunny Days!

For those who have noticed that page background Change. I am trying to find something a little more cheerful. Something to help bring on the spring mood. OK and I love sunflowers but still. lol. Lately, Things have been pretty busy with work and I cant really complain because it just reminds me more than plans for this summer are meant to take place. I worked in overtime last week so I will be reserving the hotel room for June this Friday! I'm so excited! I am still needing to find someone to cover my shift on April 6th but its hard because I can see who has off that day so far in advance. I just know I am really excited!
I do feel as it God has been tempting me though, either that or the male figures in my life just really don't know how to catch a hint or flat out pan to the face when I say that I'm done with them. It seems like lately my exes keep coming about and that is just not what I am looking for anymore. I have moved on and apparently I am where I am suppose to be because things are finally running smoothly! There is still a little craziness in my family life but I have decided that I havent fit in this long, why start fitting in now. I am completely happen standing out with Zach.
I think really that is about it in my life other than the crafting part. I have narrowed this year down to 6 major projects that I wanted to complete and then everything else in between is just for fun, to get rid of the scraps of stuff I have in my room. Yesterday I did finish one of the projects on my board and that was pacifier clips for all my friends who are currently having children right now. (My sister included which is why I made Hello Kitty.) The other 2 are rainbows and ducks. I plan on giving the some to Sara with her baby shower gifts and sending some to an old friend Kathy who also just had a baby and the Velcro one just wasn't working for her. I may actually trying and look up penguin ribbon later for Sara but I am not to sure yet.... I am trying to avoid buying more than what I need too other than for the dresses. I also used some spare red ribbon around my room and ruffled it to make some larger flowers. I then used some of the extra small accent flowers we used for Kassie's hair, to make a headband for Andrea. I am so glad I have a friend who can pull almost all this stuff off. She is such a good coworker and friend as well. Now I have to make a few for one of the nurses though. lol.

Well I hope you like what I shared so far but now I have to get off and head to the craziness known as work. I love work. lol.
Keep Smiling!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"One Good Year"...

 Not really thinking about it much, I realized this week that when I started this blog it was talking about how my Step Dad and I were talking about how I needed just one good year in my life because honestly....if it wasn't for Bad Luck; I wouldn't have luck at all. I still have bad luck a lot but I think that finally; (An entire year later), I am getting my "good" year. I mean sure there are things that could make it better, like bills getting paid off faster but those are things that take time and work to do. Everything is coming together though and I finally feel semi stable again. I am also excited because Zach and I have a lot planned for this year and it is all things either I or both of us have never done before. This includes a lot of new crafts. I am still holding true to using what I have before buying new and although I have been tempted a few times, I have been able to use my self control or Zach has helped keep me in check. I am however making allowances for projects needed for upcoming events this year. Zach and I will be attending our First Anime Convention with the twins in June, however we are really going on our own. Its in Sandusky, Ohio and although the con is a big part of the weekend....the hotel itself holds a lot of wondrous things for the 2 of us, such as the biggest indoor water park. lol. Anyways....Zach and I are dressing up from our favorite movie and then I am also making a dress referring to my character for the ball but I don't want to say who it is and maybe we will just see if you can guess....I will tell you that the main patter for the dress is going to be close to this....
The amazing thing about it is....the dress itself really wont look like this at all! lol. But as I put it together, I will post pictures and see if anyone can guess. I am so excited. The pattern for the ball gown looks like this however I am not sure how I want to go about doing it yet. I think that I need to wait until I can look at the fabrics in person. Both Patterns were purchased yesterday while out and about with Zach. Things are finally starting to come together in planning now it is just getting it all put together! In the mean time...I have to finish working on my projects for Sara's baby shower on March 19th and then Zach and I are going to see T.S.O. in concert in April. Im so excited!!! See, Here is to the wonderful "Good" year that I have been waiting for!
Keep Smiling!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy week....

This has been one of those weeks that seen to fly by very fast considering there hasnt been much free time. I do think that although the beginning felt a little rocky; Things are starting to come around on the good end. I have spent most of the week at MCH so there haven't really been any major crafting done however the other night when I should have been sleeping; I somehow ended up with this flower. If you look close enough you can see that I used 5 of the green hearts I made out of the random left over yarn from the scarf. I am not sure what I am going to use this for yet but I know that i am thinking hard about it. Amanda had mentioned a blanket but I'm not sure how to put it together yet because it really doesn't lay flat.
I have been trying to figure out how I am going to pull together making Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas before June as well. Trying to find a good picture of her dress is hard and pulling it together is even harder. So I am going to start now. That would be the next MAJOR project aside from Sara's blanket and the blanket for Jeff's friend.
Other than crafting.....Wednesday my sister had her baby! I am an aunt again for the 9th time I believe to Little Haily Grace. I don't have any pictures right now other than the few that were texts to me and I don't feel right about posting those without permission so for those who are getting excited; I'm sorry. You will have to wait until I actually get over and see her in person. I am hoping maybe Monday on my day off. I didn't attempt to yesterday because I wasn't sure if My sister and baby had made it home yet and I didn't want to rush in when the family is getting settled. I do however wonder how my youngest niece is taking to her.
Instead on my day off yesterday I spent it with Zach making these amazing yet extremely spicy chicken spears. We had a blast making them even though we really didn't know what we were doing. The end result was.....needed to drink milk before we started breathing fire and going to buy mint ice cream to wash it down with. lol. It was a very good flavor though other than the magical kick it left. I would say it is not recommended for those who get heart burn very easy. But cooking was fun, it was something new and the company was amazing.
Zach and I actually have a lot of new things planned for this year to be excited about so I guess last night started it off. In the process I also slaughtered him at a game of monopoly. I don't think I have ever played a game where I have ended up owning the entire board before. lol. Then Monday its to the movies we go. lol. Hopefully to see Gnomeo and Juliet. But considering its Valentines day....we will see how far we get with the movies.
I guess until next time....Keep Smiling!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time is speeding up again....

It seems that life is speeding up again. Between Amanda and I it felt like last week was just full of funerals again but thankfully together we got threw them and although both of us are completely heart broken still....I am starting to work my way through. I still feel like a walking zombie but at least I am starting to live again. I managed to sneak dinner and some time with Zach in Friday before going to a funeral showing Friday night and that was the first sense of "future" life for me, it felt. Zach and I are planning on attending a convention with my sisters and Alex in June and so we were discussing the dates and what all we would be doing. We know that the hotel is attached to a water park which is something we have both been wanting to do and plan on it. Everything else we plan, I am not going to write just yet because I kind of want it to be a surprise... I will say that a lot of sewing will be involved before that weekend. He also just asked me to go see the Transiberian Orchestra in April when they come to Erie. That will be exciting as well. :0)

Kirsten during her Forms judging.

I also spent the good portion of my weekend with my half siblings because Kirsten had a Karate tournament in Slippery Rock and she definitely Kicked Butt! This is the first one I have ever been too and I was really impressed. Its not an event you can get bored at because there are people in all age groups in different areas of the gym competing so there is always something to watch at all times. Some of these kids were so small their weapons looked bigger than them but I was amazed at how well these kids could use them. I also got to see my little sister in action and it was simply amazing. Mariah also does karate but didn't compete. I do however plan on attending these more so I cant wait to watch her as well. I took a lot of photos along with a few videos. One video happened to catch and incredible kick that Kirsten was in the process of learning currently at school and it was so detailed that I will post the video at the end of this post. Otherwise the rest of the photos and videos are in the 2011 section of my photo website.
After the competition, we went to grove city and got A LOT of clothes for the littler kids and really ended up saving well over $700 than if we would have shopped in Erie. I'm thinking maybe with tax return money... I may come down this summer and start Christmas shopping. I have been to the grove city mall before with Tom and Shell  but never really enough to walk into all the stores and shop. Its well worth the drive down. I do however want to start in the summer because let me tell you, driving home Saturday night was really scary considering Erie had been getting heavy snow for a good 3 hours before we returned. The roads were terrible and so I ended up sleeping in Erie and returning home Sunday morning. Otherwise the eventfulness stopped about that time. Even today, all I'm really doing is relaxing and cleaning which really needed done. I'm returning to work tonight which it to much relief because I don't think i could handle sitting at home all night anymore. Now lets just pray the snow stays light so I don't have to worry about sliding home.
Well I better get back to cleaning.
Keep Smiling.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sky is Falling...

So my poor kitten is traumatized at the moment. My grandpa went out today to knock the icicles off the roof and snow blow the driveway and my cat flipped out. I actually have never seen him burrow his way under my bed so fast in my life. It even took almost 30 minutes to get him out only for him to run down the stairs in panic to hide in the closet. lol. Poor Little Guy.
I have had some of those same feelings lately myself but not in the same areas and although I'm not knocking icicles off the roof literally, I feel that I am knocking them off my heart one by one and with this comes new scary territory. I have decided to stop running from everything scary and start knocking it down instead. With this sadly comes with cutting a few bad people out of my life. Now I just have to deal with the constant "I don't get it" texts because honestly they have been feeding off me so long they don't even realize that they are suffocating everyone around them. With the world crumbling around me as it is, I need to find a stable place to plant my feet which I am finding to be my sisters and work, and lets not forget Church. Its time to start one small brick at a time and build back up....