Monday, July 26, 2010


Well my grandpa fixed my computer but I lost all my old pictures. Thankfully I still had most of the imporatant ones on my camera so now that I have the computer I could Share Lexi with you. Meet my newest neice. She was born July 2nd.
Lexi: taken 7-25-2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baptized, Family Reunion and Now Cleaning?

Sounds like a lot I know but seriously after a night of no sleeping I have managed to make it through most of the day and I am still going. I just wanted to stop for a few minutes to let everyone know that I got baptized today. I was really excited and I did ask to have it done before Rev. Charlie left so today was the day. My family didn't show up which really kind of stunk and it happened to fall on the one Sunday in the month that Jack had to work so Tina went and video taped it. I will upload it for you guys but I have to wait until my grandpa fixes my computer. lol. It really stinks that the storm took it out because today was also our reunion and Heather brought Lexi who is my new niece. I have pictures of her and she is SOOO cute! lol. Otherwise everyone loved Jack which I already knew would be the case and things are going good. I'm still a little upset with my friends but I guess it is something I am just going to have to let go because honestly it is not waisting time in my life over. I will just spend the time with people who actually want to know things. People who is isn't so stressful to talk to. Things shouldn't be this hard and I hate it when people make it that hard.
So other than all that... I am trying to get my room more organized and in order so Kassie and I have more of a sewing room I guess. That and so I can finally vacuum and clean it out really good. Maybe even dust it. I should be sleeping because I am so tired but I just cant get my mind to calm down enough to let me sleep. With that I am off the finish cleaning, moving and building furniture!
Keep Smiling!

I am a melted Snowflake but still a Snowflake the same....

I know this sounds like a crazy title but its honest. Have you ever felt that people just forget that you are a certain person because they are too busy focusing on something God has placed in your life that you cant change. I am a firm believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle even though time and time again, I am given what feels to be too much. But still in those events, I find the hidden blessings and still remain faithful. In the end I know that the bad will stop and all those people that I have lost, I will get to see again. I know they are in a better place guiding me in the decisions I make and loving me from heaven. What people fail to realize is that illness or not, everyone is constantly being given situations that are testing them or just life lemons altogether but at the end of the day... are we not the same people? Because honestly I am starting to wonder. Lately I feel as if I have lost all my friends and when I say all I mean tonight I can count them on one hand. You know those friends who love you so much that even at the end of your life they treat you as if it were any other day. Those friends that remember who you were before all the bad, before life as I knew it changed. The people who remember that I am still the unique person that I was before everything. That I loved working in the medical field and the beach and taking pictures. Sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows and laughing.... talking about normal stuff like a future and the past. I am that same person, no matter what is going on in my life, but lately most of the people I have been around are either just getting to know me in the end, or are completely forgetting that the Snowflake they knew before even existed. They act surprised when I get up and do things which are things that are completely normal for me. They forget that even in the end, I am a fighter and if I put my mind to it... I normally will do it. that I love life and everything in it even if it drives me crazy. The truth is... I will love each and everyone of them to the end even though I know that I sit here tonight with the feeling that each time I talk to one of them...they are driving a knife deeper and deeper into my heart which I can only pray for God to take away the pain. They are spending so much time dwelling on the physical things in my life they are forgetting to see the emotions and spiritual side of my entire life. They are forgetting everything that I am and therefore I feel as if my soul is lost. That I am melting. I am loosing my uniqueness and just becoming nothing. Just a snowflake melting away.....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its Been Awhile...

I'm sorry it has been awhile since I posted last. I didn't really think that the last few weeks would turn out the way they did but lets just say life has thrown some pretty different life choices my direction. This past week has been somewhat busy with Kathryn's graduation party but for what I was there for... it was fun. Kat and Alex had fun making old jokes at Jack and he laughed a lot too. Kat even finished her door in time for the party. I must admit, It looks pretty awesome with the Christmas lights around it.

Otherwise I haven't been sewing a whole lot lately but I did manage to finish some of the projects a few weeks ago like the scrub tops for work that I will now not get to use. Thankfully I have been getting a lot of visitors and one of my old coworkers took them. Turns out she loves purple and Tinkerbell so it was a perfect fit for one of them. The other was purple with butterflies on it. They were pretty easy to make once I got the hang of it however the pattern really ran huge!
They did turn out pretty cute though. I had another fabric but I decided that it wouldn't look right as scrubs so I am saving it for another project that I'm going to start soon. I wont say what it is yet though. :0)
Otherwise I think the only other eventful thing I have done lately would be that I took Kirsten and Mariah to meet our Grandpa for the first time yesterday. It is sad because I know Grandpa had to wait to meet the older half of us and now he is slowly working on the 2nd half. I don't think he was expecting them to talk as fast and the girls were though. lol. We had a lot of fun though. I really love my entire family.
(Me, Maraih and Kirsten)
With that I am off. I will try and update sooner than I did this time. Keep Smiling!