Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ruffled Scarf Trial and Errors...

I have recently been obsessed with looking at crafts online and there have been millions that I would love to try but I had to remind myself the other day that I really need to think about things that I would really use and what are just going to be sitting around taking up space. A few weeks ago however, I came around a blog that had a tutorial on making a ruffled scarf and I just had to try it.
Now I must say that I had to adjust the pattern a few times that I got because of the rule I made for myself. I have purposed a pack of pink 36"x36" fleece and I thought I could improvise and that just didn't work. The scarf still looks similar however it is not doubled because fleece is too thick as it is and the scarf I feel couldn't have been a little longer had the material also been a little thinner. I do know that either way I love the scarf that came out and i was able to make 2 out of the fleece I had so I am sharing this scarf with my friend Andrea who also works at MCH with me. Maybe later on I will try and get the right materials and add buttons; but at least I have the general idea on how to put the scarf together. For those who are wondering what the scarf is originally suppose to look like; you can visit the blog Ruffles and Stuff and take a look and also see how it is made. It was really easy to put together and I know my fleece mishap, was very much worth it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Addicted to Crafting...

So life has been crazy, stressful and altogether just blah lately and most of all disappointing because i have some many new crafts that I want to try but I never get the chance or time to do them. I have so much stuff in my room to use but still seem to be stuck in a rut with either not having the time, not feeling good or everyone in my house is sleeping so they have to be "quiet crafts". That sounds funny but I'm serious as I often work different shifts than my sisters and find it rude to keep them up all night when they let me sleep in the morning.
I'm hoping that soon things will calm down and I will get the chance to explore more with things this year but until them...I will try and work with what I am able to do with my limited time and supplies.
2011 seems to be full of changes and although it is starting out very stressful, it is still full of a lot of love from different areas and for some reason hearts and ruffles have started calling out to me instead of polka dots. Although I am still in love with polka dots and dare I saw it with Jack near... Plaid! I will never loose my love for that. lol. I cant wait to see what this year will entail. I am just praying that this year will get less stressful and lead to more than just getting to look at other crafts online at night. lol.
I'm off to make a few more hearts as I think I just entered my A.D.D. mode.
Keep Smiling!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing the peices....

So I didn't really think that sewing hearts would be funny until I realized that the last time I posted was when Zach was breaking my heart personally. Things are still really awkward there but I think it is because I don't really know where I feel so talking just isn't there... I know I tried tonight. Then again talking to everyone but Erin and Jack today has been awkward other than Mym. But we will get back to all of that....
I have finally finished knitting Ashley's Scarf (a CNA from work). I am so excited and I cant wait to give it to her eventually. I love the fact that I was able to use the yarn from the blanket my mom started to make Kat; however I still have a lot of the yarn left. The scarf itself did leave me with a tiny ball of green yarn that I really couldn't figure out a use for other than to add it to the bin with the other random unusable balls of yarn but instead at 3:30 yesterday morning; (its12:41am now) I decided to figure out how to crochet tiny hearts. They were really easy and only take about 3 minutes to make so I decided that I will continue to make the hearts and put them into a bag to find a better use for the yard. I also have been trying to figure out how to make butterflies and flowers so we will see what we come up with later. So far with the limited resources right now I have only been able to create a barrette with some spare green buttons and one of the green hearts. So now I have 2 barrettes officially. One with eyes and one with a heart. lol. While talking with both Jack and Mym in the last few days I have also thought of recreating on some of my old tee shirts and Mym recommending putting 4 of the hearts together for a clover which is why they are together in the photo above. I am trying to think of how I would like to put them together when I finally get to that point. Since I have so much spare thinking time lately... my creative mind has been keeping me up with lots of ideas for the future and trying to get them all on paper is rough. lol.
As far as life outside of the crafting world....Its a little rocky. There is still a lot of tension between me and Zach and the more I try and just ignore it... the more he is driving me nuts. Jack however has been keeping me sane and keeping me going. I am trying to get my life picked up a little bit before Sara's wedding and everything but its getting harder. This week, another member of our class passed away and that really threw everyone further into the loop and I think the rest of our class; myself included is feeling a slight hint of depression as well. Since 2004 we should only have had 1 class reunion which would have been the summer of 2009 and since 2004 we have had close to 6 reunions all but one being funerals. That is not counting people who have also been permanently injured. As I was talking to Mym about it... If people aren't passing away they most certainly aren't in PA anymore. The class of 2004 feels as though it is becoming extinct and with each funeral all of our lives are pulled a little deeper into what life really is....short. It seems to put things into perspective and for me it almost makes me feel like I have failed. I have been given a journey and have been fighting for so long that I just dont have the strength but even now when I want to give up.... I realize that I am still here and with that I must continue fighting where I left off because I am still here to do so. I dont really know the purpose but I know Im not finished and that leads me here. Right now laying down knowing that tomorrow when I get up... this journey is going to get 10 times harder but Im praying that I will find the strength to make it. Maybe even find away thru the sadness in the process....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crafting Over Crying....

I will have to admit that although I am normally not the jealous type; I was pretty irritated today with some people. First I should mention that I was already annoyed after talking to Zach, Anson and Tony's dad last night because all 3 of them just need a good smack upside the head right now which the topics they were talking to me about last night. I just don't understand how people can be so bitter and not see life for the bigger picture. Zach is what really bothered me though. Today was his birthday and he has planned this huge thing at Splash Lagoon only it being a Thursday....I was the only one not working and I wasn't able to go either....I think what really upset me is that after feeling guilty about it and us spending so much time together and knowing that I felt bad....he went and hung out with another girl. Now like I said... normally I'm not the jealous type however....he has been talking to me about taking us to the next level and at the same time constantly whining over his other than the constant fear of being the rebound I know where I stand and it feels to be just that. Needless to say...I'm somehow crushed to find out that although Jess maybe a friend (also ex); it bothers me that he went out of his way to see her and not me when he knew I had the entire day off. Does this sound childish? I feel that it does but at the same time i want to cry because in my heart I have always believe Zach was that better person than all the other guys...only to find out he is human just like the rest of the heart breakers out there. :0( With that I am kindly going to be cancelling Saturdays date and just hiding in my crafting world where it is safe for me until spring.

The front needs to be tacked and once the shoulders
are taken up there wont be so much showing in the front.

Moving on....I decided to work on some of the crafts in progress today and finally finished a shirt that i had started last spring. It conveniently will work perfectly for Sara's wedding next month with some black slacks so I'm so excited. I do however have some adjustments to make to it on Saturday when I get the chance to sit down again at the machine. I decided that i am going to take the ribbons off the top and bring up the shoulders a bit since it is a little big and I decided that the back shows to much for me so I am going to sew up the back maybe or do something else with the tie that is currently in the back. I'm not to sure yet and plan on asking Kassie when she gets home from sewing at her friends house. Otherwise after 9pm in my house it is "knitting time" because Megan goes to bed and i don't want to keep her up with the machine being so loud. I think that big thing to get with my tax refund this year would be a level desk. Right now my machine is on an OLD card table so when i sew with my machine it sounds like I'm pounding on something and my grandpa always gripes. In all fairness... i don't think he bought me the machine to leave it sit on the shelf. ;0)
The bottom back is too low and i need a different bra obviously. lol.
but the tie just doesn't look right does it???
Well if anyone has any opinions on how to fix the shirt please let me know, otherwise I am off to watch the TrueBlood DVD's sara let me borrow while knitting.
Goodnight world mostly covered in snow and Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goals for 2011

I may have touched on this a little in the last post or not but I have set some goals for myself in 2011 and I am posting them here as a reminder to myself on what I want to accomplish this year. The goals I have set for myself seem pretty reasonable and although they may continue after 2011 they are goals that are worth completing!
The goals are the following....
1. Too use all the current craft supplies in my room before buying and starting any new projects. I have way to many projects started that need finished and so many random supplies that I have ideas for that I need to get rid of something before something new in brought in. New items can only be purchased if they are a main item used to finish current projects and I do not have any other items that can be used in its place.
2. To Get my debt paid down. - This has been an ongoing goal but what I am learning lately is that if you work with the company...often times they will knock some of the debt off if you can pay in large sums and that is what I am going to try and accomplish. I would like to move closer to town in 2012 and with that I need to start saving and so I cant be worried about bills that have been accumulated since college. seriously now...enough is enough and I need to get rid of them.
3. To attend and take pictures at more family events than in 2010. Although I know that, this was not within my control last year; in 2009 I had a wonderful year with my family and I feel that in 2010 I was way to distant with both my family and friends and I want to try and remedy that. Especially with new babies coming into picture and so many changes in the family.

All in all I want to take this year and experience all that I can because I can actually do it. No excuses. I also plan on spending a lot of time in 2011 becoming stronger in my faith via bible basis. I want to find a church that I can actually attend regularly. (my church changed pastors and times so 9am isn't very do-able to someone who worked until 3am after a 12 hour shift.) A lot of my friends have been challenged in this area and I feel that I need to maybe learn more myself so maybe I can help some of them and others.
Really I think that is about it. This next week is going to be kind of crazy as I break down my budget and get my projects in order to be finished. Its time to get a cracking while the weather is cold outside. :0)
Hope everyone is staying warm in the process!
Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - This Little Light of Mine.

I know I am a few days late but Happy New Year! 2010 was definitely full of its joys and trials but for the most part we made it through. I know that this is normally the time when people are suppose to come up with a new years resolution which normally is forgotten by February but I'm not really that kind of girl so really the only thing I am going to do is continue to be me. Toward the end of 2010, I have come to a few conclusions and hard choices in my life which lead me to where I am now....loving life for me first before others. Its simple. Without being myself, I am not able to be the person my friends and family expect me to be (even though i am not really anything of what my family seems to expect). 2010 lead to me cutting people out of my life to avoid the stresses and that was a wonderful choice for me along with this new found glory of being able to get in my car and drive away to calmer places. I have been able to share that calm in the storm of life with some friends this year, even though the source of that storm cause somewhat of a disarray for my life. I know that I am happy where I am and so with that, I am saying bring on 2011 whether it only be a few days or an entire year. Lets love and enjoy everyday as it comes so Happy New Year! :0)

 Since I really didn't get to post to much in regard to gifts on Christmas I am going to let you know that my grandpa got me 2 Cd's that seem to be a very big deal to me as of late. Definitely Addison Road. Like i mentioned above; 2010 had its fair share of trials for not only me but some very close friends to me as well. And through all of those trials, we somehow made it to where we are right now and even though some of us are still broken, sick and even passed on....The Song that I posted earlier this week from Addison Road really hit home for almost everyone that I have walked with in 2010 and even a few years before then. On my facebook I had quoted the lyrics "There will be days when you want to give up; when the clouds settle in; but after the rain comes the sun, don't you ever forget. one day there will be no more pain and we will finally see Jesus' face. So until then I'm gonna try to brave the dark and let my little light shine."  I wanted to get this point across right now especially with Jen passing on November 21st and with a few other friends struggling with faith issues and with battles even in my own life. We cant allow that to stop because there is something so much better and I wish nothing but that Better day for everyone. It thought the entire song was wonderful and it has to be one of my favorite songs next to Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew. So again... if you haven't listened to the song in the post below this or on my facebook, please do. It really is an incredible song and for those who are going through hard times...I hope you find some inspiration in it like I am right now.
So whether its only 2 days, weeks or years...remember to let your little light shine and keep smiling!