Monday, November 8, 2010


Wow, until my sister said something to me tonight I had forgot about this blog. Thankfully I write all my passwords down so I can get back here. I don't really remember a whole lot about anything that has happened between writing this and the last blog I wrote so I am just going to say that it was a time of Hell and let you know that I am so thankful for everyone that stood by my side threw everything. Its wonderful to know that throughout my toughest times: I have people who will help me get back on my feet from the worst situations. Things are slowly coming around. I'm working again, Loving my family and friends and especially loving this time a year. The smells, colors and warm feeling. I guess I get all that from my mom though. lol.
Anyways.....Things are going ok here. I'm working on new projects and just finished making Thing 1 and 2 costumes for Tina and I at Halloween and i have also been working on making quilts out of the scraps I have in my house. Reading back, I can tell you that I am failing on my mission to not buy anything new until I get rid of the old so starting now I am going to make that my 2011 resolution. I am starting early. lol. Im trying to get everything in my life back and order really and its a slow process so everyone will just have to bare with me. 2011 should be a great year though so we are all looking forward to it!!!
Now back to sewing.
Keep Smiling!!!

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