Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Borders and Long chats

Here I am again! lol. I am actually really starting to feel better now that I remembered to write here and after some long chats with Shannon and Jack recently. Dare I say it but I might be starting to feel like myself again. Working 2nd shift hours isn't doing much for my craft world and I have A LOT of projects to still finish and get out but I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and working on crafts instead of sleeping until noon. The first thing I am going to get this week when I get paid is a better alarm clock and start work on waking up and sleeping normal hours at night. I also plan on getting back to church this week although I am not sure where I will be attending. Any Suggestions???....I'm thinking maybe the church in girard that my sister was married at but I'm not sure. I need a church that makes me think and encouraged to learn more in faith and not just a "give me money" and repeat their sermons kind of church. I had finally found one but the pastor left in September and now they have switched their times so I'm looking for something with either a 10 or 11am service.
OK well I'm going to say enough with posting and I have to start getting ready for work today. Lets see what MCH holds in store for us today. :0)
Keep Smiling!

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