Sunday, September 4, 2011

Projects for others...

I know I have been quiet for a little bit but I have been crocheting A LOT. lol. I dont know if I posted a picture of my duck yet but I do know that all the elderly ladies where I work love him. Ok Zach and I love him too. He is very fun to pull out in places like DQ and see what kind of reaction he gets. lol. For the record Zach also named him Victor. lol. Victor is actually really popular but Victor was essentially created for my friend Jim (The Puppet Man); however since Victor has become public; I have recieved 6 new orders for ducks just like him. lol. So those were also added to my "to do list".

Another project that was on my "to do" list was a blanket that my friend Katie asked me to make from a new grand daughter that she was just blessed with 2 weeks ago. This blanket turned out so much prettier than expected but I know she loved it just as much as I did. I even ended up making a tiny little hat to match with some extra yarn.  I used the same star design as the pumpkin blanket but I still love this blanket more and am thinking about making a second one for my cousin who just found out he and his girl friend are having a girl in January.  

As for whats on my hook right now....I am working on a special shawl for a lady I take care of at work. I also made some headbands and pins for them last week. So as you can see I have been working a lot of arts and crafts around work lately. I havent really been baking since the pies and really I am just staying to myself since people have been upsetting my so much lately. So I just keep working and keep to myself until Zach and I get to go on vacation and then....Moving time. YAY. Now I just have to figure out where it is that I really want to go. Here or Toledo.....Trying to find where a person really belongs is such a hard choice....

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