Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucky to Live in Pa

After a very stressful day yesterday, today was a day to relax. Thankfully I had the day off and other than sleeping until 1pm; Zach took what was a terribly broken heart and somehow pieced it back together again. First we went for Ice cream and then we went off to the beach. For most people who know me, you might be thinking..."why is this so special"...well; I have actually only been to the beach once this year so far and that is a record and I mean RECORD low for me. I'm normally at the beach all year round but not this year. Anyways...we went to the beach and just stood with out feet in the water and toes in the sand and talked. It was like having a spa treatment in my own backyard. It was so beautiful and after the first few seconds the water was actually warm. As we started walking, I found a really pink looking sea shell and that lead on the a search for shells and beach glass which I have also not done in awhile. It turned out to be an amazing and stress relieving night. After the sun went down.....We really just hung out in the yard until it was time to go get dry clothes on. lol. But we plan on spending as many days as we can this way before the weather gets cold. :0)  Here's a fun picture to add to the Jenni and Zach photos and until next time...Keep Smiling!

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