Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the Beginning....

Well here we are in February already and I feel that I haven't don't much of anything yet. I haven't started my bible study journey that I have wanted to and between Doctors and Dentists; I feel like I have been so busy last month that it went by without any warning. So here we are in February and I'm finally ready to start my year of rediscovery.
First I should inform everyone who has been around and up to date with my relationship status....I think everyone should hear it from me when i say that yes I am "soon to be single" again. If by that I mean....I was told last week that "I'm just not really the marrying type" from Zach. I know that sounds kind of crazy considering all the stuff we have been through together but this seems to be going no where and where we have gone is has not been without teeth pulling to say the least. I'm getting tired and he wants "out" so after 4 months of what should have been wonderful life together being heartbreaking and emotionally draining we are parting ways. Technically we already have a week ago but I am just announcing it to the public now.
Next I want everyone to know that I have decided that after researching for a bible study for the last 2 weeks I have decided to stop waisting my time. I have decided that since this is a year of "rediscovery"; that I am going to just take my time reading the bible from front to back and think about things in my own perspective first before joining other groups and getting others opinions. its hard to share when I'm not sure what my own are first. So I have found a plan where someone has broken up the bible into chunks that one could read the bible in one year and I am going to follow that. I might not take the whole year but I am going to follow those groupings that way I have time to think about what I'm readying....Starting with the beginning. :0) I am actually really excited about this so we will see where it leads me.
Well that is really all the exciting news until you count me finishing a 2nd doily.
I'm trying to continue with using the yarn and string that I already have so I have been looking up different patterns and trying new things. This is known as the Sweet Daisy design and ended up being 13 inches wide. Its also very easy for those who might interested in trying to make one yourself. I will link the pattern to the title above.

So with all that said... I am off to relax for a little bit and maybe read a little bit more
Keep Smiling!

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