Monday, January 28, 2013

Daybook 1-27-13

Outside my window... Its very dark and snowy outside my window. I really cant wait until spring gets here.
I am thinking... about how my step mother was right about my search for a cat. She told me that when I found “the one” I would know and well I found her and she is home with me tonight and our lives have already fallen into sync with each other. :0)
I am thankful... my best friends and those friends in the church that I am getting to know better. Even in the rough times (not even just my own) my new church family keeps showing me just how blessed I am to be with them. I am also thankful for God allowing me to find the perfect new pet in my life.
In the kitchen... there really isnt anything exciting. Few dishes in the sink and otherwise it is clean because I wasn’t here to use it.
I am wearing... a pair of running pants and a MCH shirt because all my comfy clothes are in the dryer waiting to be folded…considering its midnight I think I feel a dewrinkle in the morning and then folding coming on. Lol.
I am creating... at the moment nothing…. Well wait I am in the process of putting together a pair of purple mittens that I am hoping to finish tomorrow. Then I am also hoping to put together some headbands but the idea is still just in my head.
I am going... no where until Tuesday! Lol.
I am wondering... honestly not a whole lot because I am too tired to think that much.
I am reading... A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser
I am hoping... That this year starts turning out better and that the new treatment plan works out after making such tough choices this weekend.
I am looking forward to... getting to know a life with a pet again and working on some crafts if I have the energy.
I am learning…to let go and allow people to help me when I really cant do things.
Around the house... Cat toys. Lol. Otherwise just the normal stuff.

I am pondering... again with the wondering…. Actually now im pondering why I am writing this if I am so tired. Lol.

A favorite quote for today...” The winter’s Loss leads to the spring of recovery. Such losses characterize what it means to live as normal human beings. Living means changing, and change requires that we lose one things before we gain something else.” – Jerry Sittser.

One of my favorite things... still my crochet hook and best friend. Lol.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  crafting, resting, reading and treatments. Lol.

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