Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baptized, Family Reunion and Now Cleaning?

Sounds like a lot I know but seriously after a night of no sleeping I have managed to make it through most of the day and I am still going. I just wanted to stop for a few minutes to let everyone know that I got baptized today. I was really excited and I did ask to have it done before Rev. Charlie left so today was the day. My family didn't show up which really kind of stunk and it happened to fall on the one Sunday in the month that Jack had to work so Tina went and video taped it. I will upload it for you guys but I have to wait until my grandpa fixes my computer. lol. It really stinks that the storm took it out because today was also our reunion and Heather brought Lexi who is my new niece. I have pictures of her and she is SOOO cute! lol. Otherwise everyone loved Jack which I already knew would be the case and things are going good. I'm still a little upset with my friends but I guess it is something I am just going to have to let go because honestly it is not waisting time in my life over. I will just spend the time with people who actually want to know things. People who is isn't so stressful to talk to. Things shouldn't be this hard and I hate it when people make it that hard.
So other than all that... I am trying to get my room more organized and in order so Kassie and I have more of a sewing room I guess. That and so I can finally vacuum and clean it out really good. Maybe even dust it. I should be sleeping because I am so tired but I just cant get my mind to calm down enough to let me sleep. With that I am off the finish cleaning, moving and building furniture!
Keep Smiling!

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