Friday, December 3, 2010

22 more days.....(pics)

 Well its finally December and I am sorry that I haven't been posting as much this 2nd half of 2010. I am praying that 2011 holds some happier beginnings and stories to share with all of you. Sadly I am not really in the Christmas spirit with everything that is currently going on in my life but I am trying to reverse some of that. It also doesn't help that I am currently fighting a double ear infection so all I really wanted to do up until today was hide under my blankets until my head stopped spinning. But unfortunately time doesn't stop when you are sick so in the middle of that mix, my sister talked me into assisting in putting the tree up. It was a rather entertaining adventure because when I stopped for lunch she tried to finish with putting the top on upside down...and its a good thing she doesn't read this because she would most likely smack me again for telling the world that it took until after all the lights were put on for her to figure it out. lol. I do love Kassie.and the cats didn't seem to mind any way she put the tree up as long as the tree was up for their enjoyment. Just in case though; we did put bells on the tree surrounding the base so we would know when they were under the tree and trying to play on it. So far they have been pretty good with it.
Otherwise with the Christmas spirit comes the crunch time for projects that have been in progress. Things seem to be running smoothly and I am down to now 8 projects to finish in the next 23 days. These 2 quilts are finally finished and packed up for Ashley's pick up today at 3:30. I am not sure who they are for but I am praying that they get the love that I know I had making them. Sometimes its amazing what just scraps can create. And I am excited because I am almost finished with Katie's John Deer blanket as well and then it is off on other nameless projects that I can say because they are family gifts. I have decided that only my closest friends were getting gifts this year because I cant afford to buy for everyone anymore. My family is continuing to grow with nieces and nephews and therefore the little ones come first. lol. And the best part is.... I am off work on Christmas so I will get to see most of them this year since I missed Thanksgiving. I would however like to thank the Ellis family for giving me my own Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend. I loved seeing and spending time with the puppet family even with all the emergencies and craziness that I went through.
And now we are int the sad part of this post.... I would also like to thank Zach for keeping me occupied over the last few days, even with me being sick because a really close friend of mine, also named Jennifer; passed away from Hodgkin's lymphoma on November 21st, 2010. She was such an inspiration and not to mention one of the few people who understood me. It is going to be really lonely without her.... especially since she used to name all of my puppets after I created them. I am glad that she is finally in heaven and out of pain but I want her to know that I will never forget her and I am in the process of making a few special crafts dedicated to her and her amazing life and friendship. Missing you always Jen but smiling because I know you are the one who sent me my snow.

For everyone else... Keep Smiling! You never know what life will bring you and so the best thing you can do is brighten someone else's day.

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