Saturday, May 7, 2011

26 days and counting...

4 days later and that helmet looking thing from the previous post now looks like this. Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy but I took it on my cell phone. It is still not finished but I think that at this rate you can see what character we are starting to form....Can you tell? Now Zach and I are trying to figure out ways to make the head more round and get the face to stand out a little better as well as add some teeth and then it is onto sewing all the clothes together; which I really need to get a move on.
I did take some craft time off to put together a messenger bag for Amanda for her birthday. I crocheted the entire thing but I didn't get the change to take a picture before I gave it to her so I'm sorry for the disappointment there. She loved it though and that is all that counts.
Other than that I really don't have a lot of post. I have been working the last few days and it has been a killer on me both physically and emotionally. I need to start finding some way to release the stress via swimming or running again. I'm getting way to stressed at this job. Blah.
Anyways....I guess I am off to craft a little bit and then head into work again for another fun fill night.
Keep Smiling!

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