Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 days and counting...

So its crunch time in our house with everyone trying to get their last minute stuff done before next week; and yet I found time this morning to get up and week the garden and add some new life to it. It still looks a little sad because the flowers need some time to take root but it looks a lot better than it did at 8am this morning. lol. Later this afternoon I am going to go up to the Christmas tree store and look into some garden gnomes or other decorations. Bring even more life to this place since our puppy has seen better days. I was thinking of taking the shovel out but as I live in one of the few towns where it can be 70 today and snow is going to stay for a few more weeks. lol.
Otherwise this weekends goals are too...1. paint the silver stars on the blue shirt, 2. cut out and sew the red dress. 3. Sew the maroon messenger bag, 4. Sew the John deer blanket, 5. finished packing for the trip, 6. clean my room and bathroom. and lastly 7. highlight my hair. Should be a fun and exciting weekend. At least the garden is already off my list and it is only noon here in our town. I think maybe I should head off and start getting dressed for the day so Zach and I can start with our garden gnomes and lunch. lol.
Keep Smiling!

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