Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Im still Alive....

I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know that yes I am still hanging on and although life has given me a few lemons....I am still making a slow pitcher of lemonade. Actually lately has been a lot of sleep at nights so where I thought I would be crafting; I realized that God had other plans for my body. Tonight however I am wide awake and decided to watch a few movies (The First Kid and Listen To Your Heart) and work on this little guy. I am currently making 4 more small friends just like him but they are work in progresses. I guess they are just one more step in getting more into my shop. 
Speaking of shop....I have been putting a lot of thought into how I want to go about doing things. I know that I want to help a few people out with my crafts but I am realizing that I need to be realistic about this all and get things into my store around my every day life and not really make THIS my everyday life otherwise I am going to get worn out way more than I already am. So with that I have opened both a JenniBean Website which will remain under construction for right now as well as an Etsy shop. That way people can custom order items in the colors that they would like on my website and then those items that I just generally make in my spare time can go in the store. I have also been trying to get some items to Shannon with Herdsman Puppets so they can use some items to raise money for their ministry but that is also a slow moving process with how tired I have been feeling lately. I did however get some hair items and pins out to her this week. I am hoping to have both sites posted here within the week but I am working on it as my body is allowing and with possibly breaking my foot tonight, I am guessing that only tomorrow can tell as to where I will be by the end of this week. Thankfully Zach is very supportive and has been helping me in these endeavors. Well more like moral support while he crafts with more manly items like leather and metal. lol. Whatever makes him happy. lol. Either way he is a huge help with adding to ideas that I have and adjusting what I come up with to maybe make things a little easier. This year has definitely been interesting with different peoples' output on things. 
Anyways...I think that is where I am standing with everything at this moment. So I am thinking that since it is now 4:11 am my time... I should probably try and get some sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. 
Keep Smiling! 

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