Saturday, April 28, 2012

Perfect Night

 Yesterday was one of the "Perfect day" that Zach and I have and I'm so thankful and blessed that we have the quite often. Not so much perfect but Zach always tends to make me feel better and therefore its peaceful. We decided on dinner and a movie since he worked all day and I crafted and cleaned all day.
First we went to Smokey Bones for dinner for some pulled pork and sweet potato fries and after decorating plates and a good meal we were well on our way to go out and run around town. lol. We hit up all our normal craft spots and ended up finding the rest of the stuff needed for my rainbow dress so it was worth it. After playing in the craft stores we ended up at the theater waiting to see The Pirates and eating ice cream cones. (A day can only get better with mint chocolate chip ice cream. lol.) I think really the movie was the down fall of our evening. Although it had some funny corks to it; it wasn't worth what we paid to see it in 3D. Really it wasn't even worth Tinsel Town prices I felt. The first half was really slow and then everything good happened in the last 20 minutes. So there is your warning for that one. lol. OK well I really don't know what else to explain about other than the giggling and fun times we had so I will just leave ya with some pictures of the evening. :0)
Keep Smiling!

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