Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Not Ordinary

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you Strength; while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Unknown. 

I heard this quote thanks to a very loving elderly lady that I once took care of and it has always stuck with me. Lately however things have been going in a downward spiral in my life and yesterday this hit me again really hard because honestly even though I have been really sick and everything seems to be going wrong in my life; I am very blessed to have Zach. He is my best friend and everything a person could want for as their other half. I know that I have been really hard to live with in the last few weeks and where most people would run and hide; he has remained right at my side constantly reminding me that he is not only there but here to help hold me up and help me through anything. Somehow He is my calm in the storm no matter what the problem is and I am very thankful that God has blessed me with him in my life.
Last night Zach showed up with tulips explaining to me how I am worth more than roses because roses are just too ordinary for me. :0) I love that he is completely different but so sweet even when I'm crying and ready to pull what hair isn't already falling out. lol. I can laugh about this now but in the long run this hit my heart just as hard as talking to my little old lady about falling in love. Zach was right...Just like the tulips; I am not ordinary so I don't know why I have allowed myself to start listening to the people telling me parts of my life are over when really new areas are beginning. I cant give up now and throw in the towel when Zach had stood by me and helped plan one of the best years of our lives. So I'm saying forget it to everyone who is keeping me down and moving forward with the people who will help boost me up while I'm already to tired to carry myself. And now with this choice...lets bring on what was suppose to be one of the best summers of our lives. Its time to bring on the year of Hope of 2012.
And in case I have never said it enough out loud...I love my Snail! (Zach)
Keep Smiling!

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