Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Few Days Time...

I feel like time has been standing still lately. Not because of anything bad but it just seems like the more I come to realizations, the slower it goes to get to where I need to be. I finally took the steps to cut both my ex's out of my life. (Jack and Rob). I had to come to the conclusions that all they do is upset me. Which really they do. One wants to hang out with me, only when his friends aren't around and the other seems to only want to get me into a hotel room so I'm saying Shove it to both. I am keeping what small hope I have with Zach because...he treats me like I should be treated. Although I had to laugh when he felt so guilty last night realizing the concert he had planned for months was the same day as my birthday party. lol. I must not be like every other girl because this time I wasn't at all upset and told him that he had better bring me back a t-shirt. That and he is already taking me out Wednesday. Hmmm that's tomorrow! Wow that came fast. I'm kinda of excited.
Project wise, I haven't made to much progress since I was unable to work on anything this weekend. I do have tomorrow off but Sara's surprise needs to be finished by the 19th so that is first on the agenda. I am still in hopes that I can get Saturday but I am not sure yet. I know that either way, Shell and I are going to a conference this weekend and we are both so excited. It also means I need to clean my room so I can get the TV out of my car. lol. I need to do it anyways so I can start working on my dresses as well for June. Things are finally going together. :0) I'm so excited. OK well I need to start cleaning so I'm going to go but here is the most recent picture for Sara's Surprise. Although I am starting to realize where the mistakes are that I am making. Then again, I am making it up as I go so I think its more trial and error anyways....

Can you guess what it is???

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