Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Weekend. :0)

I kept meaning to post this weekend but when if came down to having time I was too worn out. Sadly I didn't get Sara's surprise finished by Saturday but I did manage to go to the shower and give her a few other gifts. I am almost complete with her surprise and therefore I told her I would be stopping by on my day off Wednesday night. Before the shower though; I went to see Red Riding Hood with Kassie and then to lunch. IT was an AMAZING movie! It had you guessing the entire time who the wolf might be and in the end...its left us both in shock. IT also had some pretty amazing outfits. I would definitely have to add it to the amazing movies of 2011 list.
Then after the shower I met up with Tom, Shell and Thomas to celebrate Thomas's half birthday. Sounds kinda silly but really it was just the reason we felt the need to take him out. He has been so good lately. Otherwise after that; I just went to visit my Dad and Step Mom and the kids. It was kinda late so the kids weren't up long after I got there but I had a blast talking with Carrie, Dad and Cindy.
Now yesterday was kind of crazy. Nothing that was planned actually happened other than seeing Zach. lol. First we were going to go to Grandma Ellis's but Zach and i were both feeling blah and both got caught up in our crafting in our separate homes. Then we were suppose to go to my Dad's again but being as it was as late as it was and we were both feeling really blahhh....we ended up eating pizza hut and going to see Just Go With It Instead. It was also an amazing movie! It was flat out hilarious so it is also getting added to my favorite movies of 2011 list. Otherwise...last night I worked on Sara's surprise most of the day and a little last night but I was so tired that I was in bed by 1am. Very abnormal for me.
Oh wait... I forgot what I was so excited to post about in the first place. Yesterday Kassie and I did take about 15 minutes to drive to the beach and take some photos of her in a costume. We would have lasted longer had it been warmer and she was expected at a friends house shortly after we started but we still had fun in the 18 shots that I took. Here are a few of my favorites and until next time...Keep Smiling.

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