Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

That's right folks. Yesterday at 7:21pm, I officially turned 25. I know that it really isn't a big deal but to me it was for some reason and yes it was everything I thought it would be. lol. I'm not really sure what all I expected but I know that from midnight- 11:59pm it was an amazing day. (Maybe a little before midnight too.) My friends and coworkers made it an amazing day. I have to even admit that the residents helped make it amazing as well. How many people can say they celebrated their birthday with a 99 year old lady with enough guts to act 25 years old herself. lol. Amanda definitely may have spent too much on me with balloons, cake, ice cream and oh... did I mention the 3 hours spent at Eat N' Park the night before laughing until our (Katie, Amanda and I) ribs hurt so bad we couldn't breathe? She even took the time to take a knife and engrave my shamrock cookie. lol. Katie also found an orange crayon on the floor and drew on a straw wrapper in which I do still have with me. lol.
Tonight is my dinner with family and Zach. Then cake and a friendly game of Yahtzee... well maybe not so friendly with our family. lol.
I guess this should also be the time to thank all you wonderful friends that sent me Birthday cards. I loved each and every one of them! I even enjoyed all the voicemail I received of people singing happy birthday. I even got a few puppet videos on my phone which I think were really a hint that I need to send Eli some thin mints. lol.
After tonight though I really have to start cracking down in order to get Sara's Surprise finished before Sat night. I even picked up a few more items to go with it. :0) Im getting excited for my dear friend Sara's new addition to the family. lol. I am sorry that I haven't posted any pictures for people to keep guessing but I think because I assume there are only 2 people who really look at this... It might be ok to break it up a little more. If you want another hint... Here is the current Progress on Sara's surprise....
What am I????

I am also making some changes in my life that are current with turning 25 but I will have to write about those later. Time to go get Zach and have a little family fun! Keep Smiling!

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