Sunday, April 17, 2011


 Meet My dad. I know its not the best picture of him....but Tuesday when my step mom Carrie, messaged me stating he was being taken to the hospital for stroke like entire world felt as if it might fall apart. I should probably let you all know that I really have only gotten to know my dad in the last 4 years but those 4 years have lead to also getting close to my younger siblings and its time that I wouldnt change for anything. My parents got divorced when i was really young and my mother remarried and so on and so fourth but Thanks to my mom and my step dad; my father wasnt really given the chance to come around like he should. And between that and the Army, It wasnt until I was 21 that I recieved a letter  from him while he was deployed in Iraq, asking my sisters and brother and I to give him a chance, that we were ever really given the option. At this point I am still the only one out of the older kids that will take the time to see him and the younger half of his children but I guess I never really realized untl Tuesday how much that Decision meant to me until I heard there was something wrong with him. It wasnt an easy feeling but in my heart God let me know that I had made the right choice in my life by letting my dad in. Now 5 days later and Im still not sure where life will lead any of us from here but I know that it is a choice I am glad to make and I am thankful they are all in my life. You never know when God will decide to take someone home. Its the now that matters, so I hope others are taking the time to spend with their loved ones as well.
Speaking of loved ones.... I am going to also say that I am sorry to all who I have broken plans with this week due to the above events. I do know that I really learned who my friends where as well. It is amazing how you only hear from people when they want somethingand then when they know you need them even for just emotional support...they are no where to be found. I know who is there for me when I need them and I thank all of you who have been here for me and continue to be. I know that it meant a lot to me, that tonight after having a physical and mental breakdown and taking a much needed nap, Zach was not at all upset that I havent been ableto be much of anything this week. He did however get me to cheer up and get me to go get a much needed milkshake which broke the headache that I had. YAY. We also recieved complimentary cookies because the server took to long. She was still so nice although I think maybe she needed a vacation too. Thanks again for all who were here and praying for us.
I think I am off to sleep again. I really need it. Keep smiling and praying!

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