Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've Had It!

Ok I have no clue what I did to always be either forgotten or blamed in my family but I am sick of it!!!! There is nothing I can do to ever make them happy. I try and fit in...only the get slapped in the face and pointed at that I don't fit with them so then I try to just stay out of it only for them to accuse me of stuff when I physically don't have time to be doing what they accuse me of doing. For sister telling everyone today that I took a movie out of her room. At what point to I have time to 1. go through that thing she calls a room and dig through her movies. 2. what time do I even have to watch a movie when I am working until 2am and sleeping until 11 only to literally stay in my room until the time I leave at 2pm and then going to work again. I work at a hospital so where does she think I will be watching this movie at while putting 52 people in and out of bed at night?! I am so fed up with this! Why cant she just except that she owns too much crap and needs to get rid of at least half of it so she will actually know where her crap is at all times. GRRRR! Sorry for that rant but it really makes me mad because I didn't nor would I even care about borrowing a movie. Especially since movies are the one thing in my house where if I want it I go buy it the day it comes out. If I wanted to watch it... I would buy it and that wouldn't be until my day off where you know... I actually have time to watch stuff. Its time to get my crap together and the out of this house!

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