Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amazing Night but Busy Mind.....

Tonight Zach took me to see the Transiberrian Orchestra while they were here in Erie. It was a pretty amazing night. We actually dressed up, went to a nice seafood dinner and to top it off he even brought me daffodils. I'm not a really specific flower girl. If I had to pick a favorite flower I would say yellow roses but really I love anything Yellow because it reminds me of sunshine. :0) So it just added to the perfect night.
Tomorrow its back to regular life and that in general, other than the nights with Zach; I seem to be lost a lot lately. I know that a lot of things have happened in my life but really I am just so miserable. I feel like I have no purpose or really at the moment I feel like all my friends are gone too. The ones that were closest to me only were there for specific reasons and when I am not shelling out car rides or money then really what do I have??? Not much really. I have been throwing myself into my crafts outside of work and I think that is going really good because I fit in with my residents so well because of my crafts. I did make a bunch of headbands which are now going around not only the staff but the residents at Millcreek. I know that I do love it there when it comes to the residents but....The staff is starting to drive me crazy. I guess that is my fault for bringing people into work that I know outside of work. Ugh. Oh well I guess I cant change it now. I am also starting to wonder where I am going with my faith as well. I feel like I am hiding in the closet or something. I need to really find a new church that has some kind of bible study or something. I am getting no where. It doesn't help that I work and sleep odd hours but I will talk to the doctor about that on Friday as well.
Well I don't really know what else to say so I guess I am going to head off to bed and maybe just think about things a little more.

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