Friday, August 12, 2011

Pumpkins and Stars....

After a friend of mine asked me to create a pumpkin hat for her to use for fall pictures; I decided to get creative with the remaining yarn and put together a star blanket to match. I am not really sure that it gives of the "pumpkin" feel but I do think that the shape is a pretty cool touch with the neat little hat. After working on the star blanket I realized that it is a pattern that I would most likely like to create again so Im thinking some new blankets will be made in the near future. But first.... I have to finish my other projects and finish using what I have before getting anymore. I have really gotten off path with this and with my spending again so I need to focus more and really get some of this stuff used. First things First though....Im off to the post office to mail these blankets and hats off to Kim.
Keep Smiling!

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