Monday, August 22, 2011

Pies and Prayers...

Well this was my weekend off and although I originally planned to travel to Toledo this weekend; that didn't workout. Instead, I spent early yesterday afternoon at work help with the family picnic which was actually really awesome. I love seeing everyone with their families and a lot of the people that don't normally eat end up eating because everyone loves picnic foods, So although I only worked 3 hours; it was well worth it. After working I finally got my laundry done and some of my room cleaned to the point where I can walk in it again. By Wednesday I should have the rest of my clothes hung up and then Zach and I are going to rearrange the furniture so that I can plug into my Internet without having to sit on the floor. The wireless has really been sucky lately which is partially why I haven't been posting as much.
As for the rest of the weekend....I made it to Waterford last night to play some cards with Grandma and Grandpa Ellis and picked up some Elderberries which Zach and I used to make pies tonight. I still have yet to taste an elderberry but I am looking forward to tasting them tomorrow when we eat the pie. We would have tasted it tonight but we celebrated my brother's birthday with an ice cream cake and then Zach and I ate pizza for dinner. I was too full and everyone else was in bed when the pies finished so tomorrow it is.
That basically wrapped up my weekend but in the mean time; while I was enjoying my day and a half off; 2 of my friends worlds have been crashed pretty hard. One of them lost her fiance due to cancer yesterday and the other is a brand new grandma but her daughter in law hasn't stopped bleeding yet even after emergency surgery last night so I am asking prayers for both families. I am not sure where either of them stand faith wise but I know that every prayer counts.

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