Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was suppose to be one of the best Birthday weekends for awhile. I had everything planned and well spaced out but like family and friends seem to find joy in ruining what makes me happy. Don't worry though... this year instead of trying to grin and bear it and cry after... I decided to cry for 5 minutes in the  beginning and then say forget about it. I got in my car and went with my heart.
Saturday I drove to Meadville to see my Great Grandma and my Great Aunt Diane and a few other distant family members who were in town. When I say distant I really mean from Virginia and Florida. lol. Anyways... My great grandma fell at her hotel Saturday morning so although we never left the room we did have a great time talking. After that I went to visit friends in Corry, Pa and what intended on being only a few hours ended up being well over 8. lol. Most of that Spent with Beth who loved her blanket and gave me a lot of piece of mind about everything going on lately. It really does help having someone who understands everything Zach and I go through. You would think that after and entire day of driving and visiting and laughing, I would have been tired but I scooped my sister and Zach up and we went to eat n park for a late night snack which ended in so much more laughing. I didn't even feel good but the 2 of them made me forget all about that.
Yesterday was Birthday celebration for my house... Zach bought me an ice cream cake which we shared with the people in my house and then went to see Katie and Alex and shared the rest of it with them. It actually ended up being a really relaxing day. And although it was a great weekend...I laughed so hard all weekend I feel like my ribs are bruised...if that were even possible. lol. So well worth it.
Today its back to reality and therefore back to the hospital for me. lol. wow that made it sound like a bad thing but really I love it and my oldies that I have grown to love there. So until we meet again....
Keep Smiling!

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