Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day of Not So Much Rest

I would like to say that I am home and yesterday was a day of rest for me but really it was a rather busy day. I had to play catch up with bills and changing of addresses for a million different things and then even thought I could barely stand, I was so tired; I had to clean my fridge and do the dishes because everything pretty much expired this week and garbage comes tomorrow. I also am happy to say that Time Warner came to set up my house phone and Internet so I don't have to wait to go to Grandpas in order to update now. :0) I think I would be lying if I said i was happy to see them though because honestly I was so tired I was falling asleep in the chair while they were outside and that's why I decided to clean instead of sleeping right away. You better believe I napped after though. lol. Otherwise I took it easy. I finally got to talk to Beth and I had to use up the cookie dough in the fridge so I made cookies for my Step mom and the kids over there. They loved them. :0) I also enjoy a very nice long chat with my Step Mom yesterday and I got to hear all about when her mom was in town as well as a little bit more about her growing up. She is also working on a special craft project which is very detailed but very interesting as well. Basically its screen printing but VERY detailed. I was pretty amazed by it.

As for my crafting....I am working on 2 blankets at once but more so on the blanket I am making for Beth to give to her sister. Its for her soon to be here baby boy. :0) I have never used this brand of yarn before so it is taking me a little longer but again I am drawn to the star shaped pattern. I am also doing a star for the other blanket I am working on but I will talk about that blanket more later. Right now I am focusing on finishing this blanket and maybe a little animal to go with it because I will have extra yarn and I have stuffing that needs to be used. I am just trying to decide on which animal I would like to do. Any suggestions from my crochet friends?
Otherwise today I am really feeling pretty crappy so I am resting and about to head to the hospital again for a bit.
I hope you are all well and enjoying the sun.
Keep Smiling.

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