Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Beginnings...

For those who were wondering in the last few days, No I did not delete all my old posts. I simply removed them so I could put them into scrapbook form as I am starting a rather large new journey in my life. Up until now my life and just seemed to stressful and cluttered. People keep walking all over me and I have had a lot of people in my life that just really don't need to be here. In the last week I have been weening those people out and really trying to focus on my health and life. The next 8 weeks are really going to be the hardest and that is why I feel it is the best time to start a new chapter. I need people in my life who are going to be supportive and I also want people in my life who want me in their life just as much as I want them in mine. If you are willing to be apart of that journey then feel free to stick around but be prepared, this is my blog and my journey so I will be writing about my feelings and although I don't plan on offending anyone, I just want to make it clean that I have the right to feel in the first place. this is a huge part of why I am cutting people out of my life. However for those that are willing to join me, this will also be exciting as I just moved into a place of my own and although my health isn't the greatest, I plan on making it a rather fun adventure in decorating myself and finding the fun things to do around the new place. :0) For right now though, I have to go get working on some of those health issues we talked about. I hope this finds everyone I love, well.
Keep Smiling.

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