Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the New House!

Well I am officially into the new apartment and all of my stuff in unpacked. Yes I know that sounds impossible but I really don't have that much stuff. Actually my family ended up giving me a lot of furniture but in the end it was a great day and with my family's help, it went really quickly. As I was unpacking I had found this wooden plaque (to the left) that Amanda had given me around Christmas and since it fit so well, it was the first thing I hung up. :0)

After all the unpacking, my parents gave me a $50 giant eagle gift card so I decided to go shopping for a few things and then ended up coming home and making Jello. Its red which and blue and its was made in layers but it was the first official thing cooked in the new kitchen. Here is a picture of the master piece as well. lol.
The blue is on the bottom then red jello with white marshmallows. 

The only other exciting thing is that at the moment I do NOT have the Internet at my new place and until I do I wont be able to post until laundry days. lol. But since I don't have any cable or Internet I have been watching old movies and catching up on the crafts that I have been meaning to do. :0) I have finished Dan's Happy Blanket and I am really excited to give it to him and don't want to ruin the surprise of what it is so I am going to share it here and then put it on facebook after he gets it. lol. Ready? .....

There  you have it. Crocheted it myself. :0) Otherwise there isn't really to much to post other than I am trying to get over another rough patch only to have surgery the 10th but I'm doing OK and trying to stay positive. With all that said though, I'm going to my laundry and head back over to the apartment.
Hope Everyone is well.
Keep Smiling!

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