Friday, September 14, 2012

Canso's and Kutless

A lot of things have happening in my life and my family's that for privacy sake I cant post here but I can say that we could use a lot of prayer for my sister Ashely and her family. As for me, I have been here over 3 weeks now and it just seems like forever but things are starting to pick up. They are not sure what is going to happen with my leg but sadly we will know in a few hours; or once I wake up anyways. No matter what though I know that it is for the best. Everything has a purpose and I know things will work out in the end. So other than being scared of not knowing what will happen next and what Purpose God has in all this after an 8 year battle; I just know that I love HIM and my family and best friends. Not to mention all the doctors who are struggling right now because after 8 years of struggling, they are so close to beating this with me. We CAN do this guys! I can feel it. :0)
As for the Canso and Kutless.... I know a few of you have been following me for a few years now and remember back in 2010, I received something called a CANSO. It was a small necklace that was shaped in the form of a person dancing. It is suppose to represent my spirit. It also came with a paper explaining what it was and this is what it said...
"I am your CanSo...
I am a visual representation of your indomitable spirit.
Look Closely...
...I am a body in motion, to signify the carefully orchestrated steps you take as you move through this journey we call life. 
I am not running away from the enormous challenges you face, but instead putting my best foot forward and staying one step ahead of them. 
I am carrying your heart with me every step of the way. Know that I will never lose heart no matter how dark the days might become. 
I am blanketed in white to encourage you to blanket yourself in the light, peace and purity you need to heal... and my iridescence reminds you not to let this challenge take your sparkle from you. 
I am small enough to be held in your hand to keep you ever mindful of the fragility of life.
I am all those things, but more importantly I am here so when they say you can't. you will never forget...
....You CanSo!
Along with my faith and Bible, this has often been hung close by to remind me that it will be ok. I dont know why it gives me a calm sense but up until Lately it has been hanging in my living room so it is the first thing I see when walking into my house. Thankfully when I needed it the most; one of my best friends brought it to me last night along with my Happy Blanket. 
As for the Kutless part of the title.... A friend of mine introduced me to this song the other night and I have been playing it almost non stop sense. It made me cry at first because it has hit so close to home. I really do mean it when I say that I love God no matter what today and tomorrow brings. With HIM I know I can get through anything. Anyways, I shall post the song so you can listen for yourself. Then I am off to determine the fate of my leg. :0( 
Praying for all of you and hope you are all Smiling! 

Kutless "Even If"

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