Sunday, September 23, 2012


So I am just going to cut to the chase to say that I finally stood after a month of battling infections and the fear of loosing my leg. I also finally got to take a shower since I have the wound vac and they were able to cover both ports from getting wet and it was a wonderful feeling. I can tell you that I weight 84 pounds clean and dressed but that is still a far cry from 115. I'm getting there though. Finally starting to eat food and making progress. Other than that, my sisters managed to sneak in this weekend against advisement and I'm SO thankful that they did. I am also very thankful for Beth and our great talks. I think I might have mentioned that she gave me homework the other day when we talked but after trying to do it and seeing that our bibles are too different....I had to beg for a KJV to be allowed in the room after the cleaning process and now my interest is sparked to see just how different all my favorite verses are between the 2 versions. (I have NIV). Otherwise I still feel like I am learning a great deal even though I haven't been to church in awhile and that is just a blessing and answered prayer for me. I love that I have a friend that I can share EVERYTHING on my mind with. Fears, dreams, Goals and that keeps me learning and encouraging me not only physically but spiritually. Its definitely an answered prayer. 
Otherwise I have just been resting, enjoying my sisters and brother's company, scrap booking with Studio J and crocheting. So not much at all. lol. NOT. Here are a few pictures and then I am off to rest. 
Blanket I am making for Kassie

Keep Smiling!

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