Friday, September 28, 2012


That's how many days it has taken for me to finally get a clean scan. :0) So finally, just 11 days shy of 8 years...I'm in remission. :0) The words are still very overwhelming to me. I cant even begin to describe the feelings I have right now. This is a time to celebrate. :0) I'm home, finally starting to make progress, I have clean what am I doing now? lol. Actually I'm doing laundry. HA HA! I still have a lot of rehab to do and a lot to get used to but at least I don't have the heavy feeling over me wondering if everything is going to work. Now I get to worry about normal stuff like work and chores and I get to help encourage and be there for my friends in their journeys just as much as they have been there for me. There is still so much more I want to do and after my rehab on my femur I know I can do almost all of it. :0) I just cant wait either!

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