Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daybook 11-14-12

Outside my window: Its very cold and there is a very light snow fall still on the ground from this morning. 

I am thinking... Of how Amazing God is for allowing me to come home yesterday and then spend today with my best friends and family. I am also thinking about all I need to do to catch up on life such as laundry and dishes. lol. 

I am thankful... I am thankful for Life, family and friends. Im very thankful for the doctors at D.F. and here at Millcreek. Im thankful for the new possibilities starting to take place for the future and that I am feeling well enough to enjoy things again. 

In the Kitchen... In my kitchen there are a few dirty plates and pans but really there is still craft stuff on my table from when I left a month ago. 

I am wearing... I am wearing my sweats because I spent the day with my best friend and its cold outside. lol. 

I am creating... I'm creating a lot of different Christmas presents with yarn as well as gifts for a few new girls who are about to have babies. 

I am going... to see my sister on Saturday to help set up the Christmas tree and then to church on Sunday if Im feeling up to it. 

I am wondering... How wonderful 2013 is going to be. 

I am reading... My bible and a book my sister lent me called Good Omens. (Still the same thing because I have been kinda slow on reading the book)

I am hoping... That life finally starts slowing down enough that I can enjoy being home longer than a week and if Christmas will turn out ok this year. 

I am looking forward to... 2013. and Christmas 2012. Really all the holidays because I will be with family and friends that love me. I am also really excited to be able to go to church again to a place where I learn and praise so much. :0)

I am learning... I am still learning patience as each day goes on and I am still learning a lot about myself and Zach as people. I am also learning a lot about my family although not is all good: sometimes we see others true colors in the worst situations. 

Around the house... baskets of laundry that needs done and yarn from the crafts I was just working on. Otherwise dreams floating around from sleeping heads. 

I am pondering... If I want to get up and crawl into bed or just sit here a little longer and enjoy being home. 

A Favorite Quote for the day: 

One of my favorite things... my best friend Beth. I refer to her as my sunshine but really I have been so blessed to have her in my life in the last year. Its amazing to have a friend who I can talk to about no matter what I'm feeling and it has really helped me not only get through a lot of this but also keep my faith strong in the process. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Resting; Doctors appts and then Decorating a tree with Katie and hopefully Church on Sunday. 

A peek into my day: 
The sun I drew on the car after it snowed this morning. 

Well that would be it for now. If you would like to try this for yourself...go to this blog....
Otherwise...until next time...Keep Smiling! 

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