Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daybook 11-8-12

Outside my window: Last I heard it was only 21 degrees here because of the Winter Storm hitting this area now. I cant see outside but I can still here the strong winds and that kinda scares me. 

I am thinking... I am thinking about my best friend who isnt feeling to great tonight and for the family of a lady I used to take care off who passed away last night. I am rather missing the people back home. 

I am thankful... I am thankful for my family and friends who have taken the time over the last few weeks to check in and talk and pray with and for me. I was able to practice standing with the new leg today and also take 4 steps at the bars in the P.T. 

In the Kitchen... I'm in the hospital still so Im still not sure what happens in the kitchen here but I think this late it is probably empty. 

I am wearing... I am wearing my own PJs! I have been making it a point to get myself dressed and back into my pjs everyday to try and rebuild my strength. So far I am 2 for 3 of changing my clothes twice a day. 

I am creating... I'm still working on the same blanket but I am almost finished. I cant wait to show everyone what it looks like but because it is a surprise and hard to take pictures here; everyone is going to have to wait. Sorry. 

I am going... no where for awhile but found out that I should be home the week before Christmas! Cant wait! 

I am wondering... How I could possibly send a care package to my younger sister who is in college and about to start finals season. 

I am reading... My bible and a book my sister lent me called Good Omens. (Still the same thing because I have been kinda slow on reading the book)

I am hoping... That everyone who was hit with the hurricane and was left without heat for this bad winter storm has a semi warm place to stay. This is really effecting a lot. 

I am looking forward to... Learning more how to walk, and function again. Now that things are picking up in P.T. I am excited to be working so hard even though it hurts. I am also looking forward to Christmas home with my best friends and family. 

I am learning... I am learning how to be patient for one. I am learning how to stand with the prosthetic as well as relearning how to walk. I have learned how to dress and bathe myself without my leg and I have also learned a lot of new tricks from some other patients I have met here thanks to my doctor. :0)

Around the house... Well I'm sure the craft supplies are still all over my house however I was told this week my sister has invaded so Im sure they are in a pile in the corner somewhere. 

I am pondering... How long this happy blanket might take and what colors to do in the next one. 

A Favorite Quote for the day: 

One of my favorite things... my best friend Beth. I refer to her as my sunshine but really I have been so blessed to have her in my life in the last year. Its amazing to have a friend who I can talk to about no matter what I'm feeling and it has really helped me not only get through a lot of this but also keep my faith strong in the process. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Still resting a lot but also doing a lot of P.T. otherwise crocheting hopefully. 

A peek into my day: 
Still  don't really have any photos to put here right now. Sorry. 

Well that would be it for now. If you would like to try this for yourself...go to this blog....
Otherwise...until next time...Keep Smiling! 


  1. Sounds like you've been through a struggle, and are still fighting. I pray for a full recovery.

  2. you can send items from walgreens to your sister online with free shipping for a purchase of over 25 dollars. The Dollar General will ship free for forty dollars.but I just ended up sending my big child a gift card.