Friday, November 2, 2012

In Person...

I figured enough time has gone by since I posted a real post and not a Daybook so I just wanted to let people know that yes I am still hanging in. Things are still really rocky and I am still really sore but I do plan on posting more on here as things progress than on my facebook. My sister and step mom have been updating a great deal but there are a lot of people on facebook who are friends for the wrong reasons and they are just people who I don't need pity from now. At the moment my rehab is on hold due to intestinal problems which were surgically repaired yesterday. I'm on a clear liquid diet until I'm told otherwise which stinks and I'm trying to move as little as possible so my guts don't feel like they are falling out. All in all....I'm doing ok. Emotionally I will admit that I have hit some low points but I am just very tired and I promise this doesn't at all mean I am giving up. My team here and I have a set plan for the next few months and although it is a slow moving plan; I feel it is a great plan and really can only take things one week at a time. This week is just to rest. Know that I love you all and I thinking of home all the time. Praying the weather hasn't gotten most of you down; but everyone is enjoying the seasons as they change. I will post again as things start moving more here so until we meet again....Keep Smiling

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