Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy updates Batman!

So I would just like to point out again that whoever started the memo where all my friends needed to have kids this year; needs to be shot. lol. I'm only really saying this because I have 6 more blankets to do but really I am excited for them all. Things have been slow and I haven't started another yet because i haven't been feeling good or had the chance to actually start one. I will however be starting one here in a few minutes before attempting to color eggs with my family tonight. Today I spent a pretty good portion with my family which was an incredible time minus the lack of sleep. lol. Hopefully I wont be too exhausted to make it to church tomorrow. I would like to at least thank the women at the church for sending me the amazing card that really boosted my spirits. :) I have had a lot of stress in my life and haven't really been feeling that great with it.
I did somehow manage to finish Stacy's baby blanket in time for the shower however due to uncontrollable circumstances...I didn't actually make it to the shower and had to give it to her the next day. She is going to be having a little baby boy soon and I am so excited for her! Next I am going to start working on the blanket for my sister since I found the cutest outfit today and material to go with the blanket that I have envisioned in my head. This blanket is going to be the first blanket that I will have made that is both quilted and knitted at the same time. I am anxious to work on it because I want to see what it is going to look like when I am finished. Only now i have to find the energy to do it. lol. I wont tell you the theme until I get it finished because I don't want to ruin it for my sister.
Otherwise the weather is getting nicer and the ice is finally melting off the lake. Animals are starting to come around and did I mention allergies are already starting to hit the world. lol. Tinibean has been keeping track of me lately and hopefully things start turning out better because she deserves a turn around and I can feel that this summer might be the beginning of something good for her. :) All in all.....good times.
I think that I might get going and start cracking on that blanket. I will let you know how egg coloring goes later. Also maybe post some more videos that Uncle Jimmy has been sending me via text. There have been some good ones and I so love them.
Keep Smiling!

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