Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twilight Meets Princess & the the Pirate.....

Last night had to of been one of the best nights so far this year. Since Sara quit working with me I really don't get to see her all that much and our conversations have basically been via text and facebook so finally after much planning we all got together last night at Hunter Jacks. If you are sitting here wondering where the heck the title fits into play with all of this.... that would be our relationship themes. lol. Sara and Nick (twilight) finally got to meet Jack(The Princess & the Pirate) last night. Actually pretty much everyone I work with at night got to meet Jack last night because later on both Heathers showed up with their other halves and it was just a big get together. It really was a lot of fun though and like I said.... I finally had the chance to forget about everything going on in life outside of Hunter Jacks last night.

I tried to take more pictures but it was hard because it was so dark so I am only going to share the happy "Twilight" couple and then Jack and I from last night. It was much fun....

Above: Sara aka Lovebug and I aka Sunshine
To the Right : Nick and Sara
Below: Jack aka Pirate and I.

The picture of Jack and I was taken by Heather from 2nd shift and it ended up a lot lighter than mine so that is the one I chose. Today it is back to reality and Jack is off to work, while I'm back at home doing laundry and working on the million (ok 5) baby blankets I have left to make for my friends which are still killing me to work on. :( I'm trying really hard guys... I really am. We are also heading over to The Ellis's later tonight to introduce Jack to the other family. lol. I'm really nervous about him meeting Rick. I think it could be trouble...almost if not more than what I expect after he meets Uncle Jimmy. ;)
So I guess until later, if I get a blanket finished......
Keep Smiling!!!

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