Friday, December 17, 2010

Flu, Friends, Family and ...Christmas?

There hasn't really been a whole lot going on in my world yet for some reason I feel like I have been fighting an entire war since the last time I posted on here. I have been working non-stop lately but feel as if I am getting no where on anything and did I mention that I have been working extra on account that the entire facility where I work ended up getting the flu at the same time! That's right; pretty much all 52 residents had the flu in the last week which was more puke and poop that one should ever handle in one lifetime all crammed into a single week. Oh the joys. I think the only good thing is that Amanda is still trucking around work so until she has her baby.. I have some sanity. I dare to say that I cant wait until I only have to work every other day even with the circumstances that come with it. (Although I wouldn't wish them upon anyone.) I have really gone from loving my job to hating most of the people I work with and then i wonder if really it is just that I am not the same person I was last year. Either way I am just really angry lately and it is effecting me a lot.
I did manage to get out with some of my friends last week...minus nick because he had the flu but it was a pretty entertaining time I guess. I will be glad when Zach comes with me the next time. I am sad though because really I have never had a night feel so forced in a way. I wanted to see everyone before people started getting busy and my life started getting hectic again after Christmas but I'm realizing now that it really doesn't matter. I think that maybe I will just keep to Patty and the rest will just have to find out for themselves because we are just all going our own separate ways.
I would have had more photos to post tonight had the snow allowed my brother to return home on time tonight but considering he was stuck in Philadelphia for the entire afternoon, his plane should be landing here in Erie within the next 30 minutes. lol. I am really happy because Mike and Chris got home today although I haven't heard from Chris yet either; it is the perfect Christmas gift either. I never realized how quiet my life is without either of them. Maybe, now that they are home it will feel a little more like Christmas. Only I'm not sure that is going to work because this is normally the time I am eating DQ with Tony and this year he is staying is Cuba.
Otherwise I think I am really procrastinating on the final Christmas Projects that I have and I really need to get them finished. I am also waiting on UPS to finally deliver the last of Aiden, Mady and Gabby's Christmas gift. Then it is back to work until Christmas itself so I should probably get a move on with that huh. I cant really post any pictures until after the holidays but then I promise I will show you all the neat stuff that I made. lol. Well I better get back to work....I need all the spare time I can get. lol.
Keep Smiling!

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