Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

A copy of Kat's drawing and the finished tote bag.
 Lets start this blog out by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I know I that I really enjoyed my day even though there was a huge lack of sleep for most of us last night. It was well worth it though. For those who know just everything I have been trying to cram in craft wise over the last few months you will understand my excitement when I say... YES ITS OVER! lol. When it comes down to choosing to make projects were sewing individual sequins comes into play....yea...never again. Halloween and Christmas were enough for one life time. lol. I have spent the last few months working on a project for my sister where I took a drawing of a cartoon bug (Walter) that she drew in college and turned it into a sequin design on a tote bag used to carry all the junk food I bought for her. She loved it...even though I don't feel Alex will have any candy left for Katie when she returns....Katie says she will use it to tote Art supplies which is what we originally wanted to do anyways. :0)
Other than the tote bag I also was busy making blankets, scrub tops and a small treasure chest designed to hold business cards for the family Quilt shop. I think out of everything the only problem was; that even with days to dry, the Chest was still wet and when I went to glue the lining in this morning last minute...I was covered in stain. So needless to say that was the only gift not wrapped and it remains in the basement of thus said business until it completely dry.
A very tired Gabby

As for Christmas itself; I spent the wonderful morning with my sisters and Grandpa. I was a little unsure of the morning when Kassie woke me up literally only 3 hours after I went to sleep so she could open her gifts but with much convincing (and some threatening lol) I managed to crawl out of bed. Everyone loved their gifts including myself but Kassie was so excited over her kitchen items that she ended up making Pancakes for everyone for breakfast. lol. After that I pretty much failed at taking a nap so I just got ready for the family dinner which was amazing with my brother being home and the little kids all running around. They were actually really good as oppose to all the years of them screaming. i think I'm going to like the "Video Game" faze of their lives. Or at least all our ears will. 
I really couldn't stay much longer after dessert but I do know that I have a wonderful Christmas and I love my family very much. God even topped my Christmas off with the most wonderful falling snow and with new music in my mp3 player and Christmas lights twinkling threw my window...I am off to sleep.  :0)
Good Night and Merry Christmas again!

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