Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Free day before Christmas....

Strawberry Cake Balls

 Yesterday was my official last day off before Christmas and I finally managed to have a productive day. I still cant post everything that I have been doing until after Christmas, because most of it was peoples gifts. I still have 2 final gifts to purchase and 2 more to finish crafting in the next 3 days. Both the crafting ones are almost complete though. The crazy thing is that, even with everything i accomplished yesterday; i still only managed to do half the things on my list. Zach and I didn't get to see the Christmas lights because of my bad driving skills, (I drove up the wrong road. lol.) and we never made it to the Ellis's because on our way to Erie the roads were getting to bad for night time driving in the winter. We did however end up spending the evening watching Despicable Me with my younger siblings and then Enjoying some quality time with Amanda at Eat N Park where I ended up locking my keys in the car. :0( Sadly it is my 2nd time this year....Thankfully my brother made it home from the Military this Christmas and was able to bring my keys up at Midnight. Zach and I did have fun although I feel that I whined a lot while driving. I think next time he will get that role. lol. We are both excited about going on a sleigh ride with Katie on the 9th though and I'm going to try and see when the Christmas lights start playing again after Christmas so we can go see them :0) Hopefully by that time his Christmas Present will be here. lol.
I also am very proud to say that I got some of the needed baking done yesterday and with much success, I tried and succeeded in making the cake balls that I constantly watch on Bakerella.com . The recipe that I wanted to make had involved Red Velvet cake, Creme Cheese Frosting and Chocolate but since I couldn't find a red velvet cake at 1:30 am when I do my shopping.. I went with strawberry and white chocolate for the tops. The were really messy but my sister loved them even before dipping them in Chocolate. lol! I made up a few containers with my thin mints and the cake balls and they were all a huge hit! If you get a chance and you like to bake, you should really check out the site. I think that this year i am going to experiment a little more with my baking skills along with my crafting skills. This apparently is the year of sequins. lol. I will explain that one after Christmas though.
Well its off to shower and then to walmart to pick up some pictures before visiting Martha and heading to work.
Keep Smiling!!

Zach, Peanut (Jayln) and I

Kayle, Cameran, Dante, Kirsten, Maraih and Me sitting on the couch after the movie.

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