Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ruffled Scarf Trial and Errors...

I have recently been obsessed with looking at crafts online and there have been millions that I would love to try but I had to remind myself the other day that I really need to think about things that I would really use and what are just going to be sitting around taking up space. A few weeks ago however, I came around a blog that had a tutorial on making a ruffled scarf and I just had to try it.
Now I must say that I had to adjust the pattern a few times that I got because of the rule I made for myself. I have purposed a pack of pink 36"x36" fleece and I thought I could improvise and that just didn't work. The scarf still looks similar however it is not doubled because fleece is too thick as it is and the scarf I feel couldn't have been a little longer had the material also been a little thinner. I do know that either way I love the scarf that came out and i was able to make 2 out of the fleece I had so I am sharing this scarf with my friend Andrea who also works at MCH with me. Maybe later on I will try and get the right materials and add buttons; but at least I have the general idea on how to put the scarf together. For those who are wondering what the scarf is originally suppose to look like; you can visit the blog Ruffles and Stuff and take a look and also see how it is made. It was really easy to put together and I know my fleece mishap, was very much worth it.

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