Thursday, January 27, 2011

Addicted to Crafting...

So life has been crazy, stressful and altogether just blah lately and most of all disappointing because i have some many new crafts that I want to try but I never get the chance or time to do them. I have so much stuff in my room to use but still seem to be stuck in a rut with either not having the time, not feeling good or everyone in my house is sleeping so they have to be "quiet crafts". That sounds funny but I'm serious as I often work different shifts than my sisters and find it rude to keep them up all night when they let me sleep in the morning.
I'm hoping that soon things will calm down and I will get the chance to explore more with things this year but until them...I will try and work with what I am able to do with my limited time and supplies.
2011 seems to be full of changes and although it is starting out very stressful, it is still full of a lot of love from different areas and for some reason hearts and ruffles have started calling out to me instead of polka dots. Although I am still in love with polka dots and dare I saw it with Jack near... Plaid! I will never loose my love for that. lol. I cant wait to see what this year will entail. I am just praying that this year will get less stressful and lead to more than just getting to look at other crafts online at night. lol.
I'm off to make a few more hearts as I think I just entered my A.D.D. mode.
Keep Smiling!

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