Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crafting Over Crying....

I will have to admit that although I am normally not the jealous type; I was pretty irritated today with some people. First I should mention that I was already annoyed after talking to Zach, Anson and Tony's dad last night because all 3 of them just need a good smack upside the head right now which the topics they were talking to me about last night. I just don't understand how people can be so bitter and not see life for the bigger picture. Zach is what really bothered me though. Today was his birthday and he has planned this huge thing at Splash Lagoon only it being a Thursday....I was the only one not working and I wasn't able to go either....I think what really upset me is that after feeling guilty about it and us spending so much time together and knowing that I felt bad....he went and hung out with another girl. Now like I said... normally I'm not the jealous type however....he has been talking to me about taking us to the next level and at the same time constantly whining over his other than the constant fear of being the rebound I know where I stand and it feels to be just that. Needless to say...I'm somehow crushed to find out that although Jess maybe a friend (also ex); it bothers me that he went out of his way to see her and not me when he knew I had the entire day off. Does this sound childish? I feel that it does but at the same time i want to cry because in my heart I have always believe Zach was that better person than all the other guys...only to find out he is human just like the rest of the heart breakers out there. :0( With that I am kindly going to be cancelling Saturdays date and just hiding in my crafting world where it is safe for me until spring.

The front needs to be tacked and once the shoulders
are taken up there wont be so much showing in the front.

Moving on....I decided to work on some of the crafts in progress today and finally finished a shirt that i had started last spring. It conveniently will work perfectly for Sara's wedding next month with some black slacks so I'm so excited. I do however have some adjustments to make to it on Saturday when I get the chance to sit down again at the machine. I decided that i am going to take the ribbons off the top and bring up the shoulders a bit since it is a little big and I decided that the back shows to much for me so I am going to sew up the back maybe or do something else with the tie that is currently in the back. I'm not to sure yet and plan on asking Kassie when she gets home from sewing at her friends house. Otherwise after 9pm in my house it is "knitting time" because Megan goes to bed and i don't want to keep her up with the machine being so loud. I think that big thing to get with my tax refund this year would be a level desk. Right now my machine is on an OLD card table so when i sew with my machine it sounds like I'm pounding on something and my grandpa always gripes. In all fairness... i don't think he bought me the machine to leave it sit on the shelf. ;0)
The bottom back is too low and i need a different bra obviously. lol.
but the tie just doesn't look right does it???
Well if anyone has any opinions on how to fix the shirt please let me know, otherwise I am off to watch the TrueBlood DVD's sara let me borrow while knitting.
Goodnight world mostly covered in snow and Keep Smiling!

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