Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - This Little Light of Mine.

I know I am a few days late but Happy New Year! 2010 was definitely full of its joys and trials but for the most part we made it through. I know that this is normally the time when people are suppose to come up with a new years resolution which normally is forgotten by February but I'm not really that kind of girl so really the only thing I am going to do is continue to be me. Toward the end of 2010, I have come to a few conclusions and hard choices in my life which lead me to where I am now....loving life for me first before others. Its simple. Without being myself, I am not able to be the person my friends and family expect me to be (even though i am not really anything of what my family seems to expect). 2010 lead to me cutting people out of my life to avoid the stresses and that was a wonderful choice for me along with this new found glory of being able to get in my car and drive away to calmer places. I have been able to share that calm in the storm of life with some friends this year, even though the source of that storm cause somewhat of a disarray for my life. I know that I am happy where I am and so with that, I am saying bring on 2011 whether it only be a few days or an entire year. Lets love and enjoy everyday as it comes so Happy New Year! :0)

 Since I really didn't get to post to much in regard to gifts on Christmas I am going to let you know that my grandpa got me 2 Cd's that seem to be a very big deal to me as of late. Definitely Addison Road. Like i mentioned above; 2010 had its fair share of trials for not only me but some very close friends to me as well. And through all of those trials, we somehow made it to where we are right now and even though some of us are still broken, sick and even passed on....The Song that I posted earlier this week from Addison Road really hit home for almost everyone that I have walked with in 2010 and even a few years before then. On my facebook I had quoted the lyrics "There will be days when you want to give up; when the clouds settle in; but after the rain comes the sun, don't you ever forget. one day there will be no more pain and we will finally see Jesus' face. So until then I'm gonna try to brave the dark and let my little light shine."  I wanted to get this point across right now especially with Jen passing on November 21st and with a few other friends struggling with faith issues and with battles even in my own life. We cant allow that to stop because there is something so much better and I wish nothing but that Better day for everyone. It thought the entire song was wonderful and it has to be one of my favorite songs next to Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew. So again... if you haven't listened to the song in the post below this or on my facebook, please do. It really is an incredible song and for those who are going through hard times...I hope you find some inspiration in it like I am right now.
So whether its only 2 days, weeks or years...remember to let your little light shine and keep smiling!

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