Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goals for 2011

I may have touched on this a little in the last post or not but I have set some goals for myself in 2011 and I am posting them here as a reminder to myself on what I want to accomplish this year. The goals I have set for myself seem pretty reasonable and although they may continue after 2011 they are goals that are worth completing!
The goals are the following....
1. Too use all the current craft supplies in my room before buying and starting any new projects. I have way to many projects started that need finished and so many random supplies that I have ideas for that I need to get rid of something before something new in brought in. New items can only be purchased if they are a main item used to finish current projects and I do not have any other items that can be used in its place.
2. To Get my debt paid down. - This has been an ongoing goal but what I am learning lately is that if you work with the company...often times they will knock some of the debt off if you can pay in large sums and that is what I am going to try and accomplish. I would like to move closer to town in 2012 and with that I need to start saving and so I cant be worried about bills that have been accumulated since college. seriously now...enough is enough and I need to get rid of them.
3. To attend and take pictures at more family events than in 2010. Although I know that, this was not within my control last year; in 2009 I had a wonderful year with my family and I feel that in 2010 I was way to distant with both my family and friends and I want to try and remedy that. Especially with new babies coming into picture and so many changes in the family.

All in all I want to take this year and experience all that I can because I can actually do it. No excuses. I also plan on spending a lot of time in 2011 becoming stronger in my faith via bible basis. I want to find a church that I can actually attend regularly. (my church changed pastors and times so 9am isn't very do-able to someone who worked until 3am after a 12 hour shift.) A lot of my friends have been challenged in this area and I feel that I need to maybe learn more myself so maybe I can help some of them and others.
Really I think that is about it. This next week is going to be kind of crazy as I break down my budget and get my projects in order to be finished. Its time to get a cracking while the weather is cold outside. :0)
Hope everyone is staying warm in the process!
Keep Smiling!

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