Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4 out of 21

So because things have been so crazy lately I forgot to post about the shirt that I made the other day. I had planned on making 2 different shirts, 1 for Maraih's graduation and one for Kat's but things didn't really work out aka it was too cool to wear this to Maraih's so I am saving it for Kat's. I haven't starting working on the other shirt that I planned on making but still might in hopes to wear it to Madyson's dance recital on Saturday....everything providing. Since today I am currently stuck in doors, I am watching movies and working on Knitting blocks for the last 2 baby blankets I have to make. (Not counting the fire dept blanket though. That will be done a little differently.) Everything is slowing working its way together and things are getting completed and out of the house. This is a very good thing because I had originally planned on not starting new projects until I get rid of what is already in my room. Although there are quiet a few scraps being left behind from blankets and shirts... I have a few ideas in mind to help get rid of those as well. I have also been thinking more about that store that Paul always wanted me to start opening online and I really think that I might consider it but again I am not too sure yet. I really don't want to get into anything that might be too involved at the moment with so much that I already have going on. Im thinking maybe I could just start a page on facebook and link it to my page and then Im thinking I can have the money help both Alex's Lemonade Stand and Herdsman Puppets. It isnt that I still don't love St. Baldricks but I think that I am leaning more toward Alex's Lemonade Stand and at least they are both raising money and awareness for the same cause; Childhood Cancer Awareness. I am going to have to look more into but like I said I am really considering it.
Well I better get back to knitting. I have 4 blocks down....12 more to go. :0(
Keep Smiling!

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